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Using LinkedIn for Job Hunting in 2024: 5 Tips to Get You Hired Faster

Man using LinkedIn for Job Hunting
Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
April 18, 2024

It’s 2024 and job hunting has taken new twists and turns. Thankfully, LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful tool for job seekers.

But are you using LinkedIn to its full potential in your job search?

Keep reading for That’s Good HR‘s guide to leveraging LinkedIn for your job search. This week on the blog, we’re sharing actionable tips to help you get hired faster in 2024.

From optimizing your LinkedIn profile to networking online, we’ll delve into LinkedIn’s job search features and how to use them to your advantage.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate, these tips will help you stand out to potential employers in 2024’s extremely competitive job market.

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Visibility

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital resume. It’s the first thing recruiters see when they find you on LinkedIn.

A complete and up-to-date profile is crucial for job search success and can increase your visibility and credibility among potential employers.

In fact, almost 50% of hiring managers in 2024 are using LinkedIn skills data to fill roles.

Start by updating your skills on LinkedIn.

It’s essential to include both soft skills and hard skills to showcase a well-rounded profile to potential employers.

Soft skills are the personal qualities and traits that allow you to work effectively with others.

These skills are valuable in any job and can set you apart from other candidates. Examples of soft skills include:

  • Written and Oral Communication
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Time Management
  • Adaptability

When listing soft skills on your resume, provide specific examples of how you have demonstrated these skills in previous roles.

For example, you could say, “effectively resolved conflicts within a team by utilizing strong communication skills and fostering a collaborative environment.”

Hard skills are job-related, measurable abilities that can be quantified.

These skills are typically job-specific and are acquired through education, training, or experience. For example, hard skills may include:

  • Proficiency in Spanish
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Analysis
  • Project Management

When including hard skills on your resume, accurately represent your proficiencies and abilities.

Often, job boards and LinkedIn rely on powerful algorithms to weed through candidates who have specific skills.  Be sure to list any of your professional skills and highlight any relevant experience on LinkedIn to optimize your visibility. It only takes a matter of seconds to add relevant skills and expertise to your profile, and the results can be life-changing. 

At That’s Good HR, we know a thing or two about crafting impactful resumes. When you work with us, we partner with you to help pinpoint the skills that are most relevant to your resume. We’ll assist you in identifying the key skills that will truly make your profile stand out and WOW potential employers.

Craft a compelling headline.

A LinkedIn headline is your chance to grab attention and make a strong first impression. Your headline should state your current role, area of expertise, and even include some personality.

For example, “Empathetic Customer Service Pro | Problem Solver Extraordinaire | Dedicated to Deliver Top-Notch Support with a Smile :)” showcases more than just your most recent job title. It provides context, reinforces your mission statement, and reveals some personality.

Try to think outside the box when writing your profile headline. Check out these other eye-catching examples. You can thank us later.

Write a professional summary.

Be concise and engaging when highlighting your skills, experiences, and career goals. This is your opportunity to tell your professional story.

Showcase your work experience and achievements. Detail your roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments in each position to give potential employers a clear picture of your capabilities.

Don’t forget to include relevant keywords in your headline, summary, and job descriptions to help your profile appear in recruiter search results. 

Add a professional photo and cover image.

A high-quality, professional-looking photo can increase your profile views by up to 21 times. 

If you don’t have the resources to hire a professional, you have other options! 

Grab your smartphone during golden hour and have a friend or family member snap a photo of you. For the best results, try to keep distractions within the frame minimal – now is not the time for your favorite graphic tee. Be sure to put your best foot forward for the most professional-looking DIY headshot.

A DIY high-quality LinkedIn portrait

2. Expand Your Network and Engage with Industry Leaders

Growing your LinkedIn network is a key part of your job search. The more meaningful connections you have, the more opportunities you can uncover.

  • Engage, engage, engage! One of the most effective ways to grow LinkedIn profile visibility is to like, comment, and share posts that resonate with you. This shows people you’re knowledgeable in your field and helps build your network of followers and connections with shared interests. If you want to get serious about finding that dream job, aim to engage for 10-20 minutes each day. 
  • Start by connecting with colleagues, classmates, and industry professionals. Remember to send personalized connection requests. Let people know you’re open to networking, job opportunities, or even a virtual conversation over coffee to learn more about what they do.
  • Customize your LinkedIn URL to make it more professional. This can be your name or a combination of your name and profession. A customized URL is easier to share and remember. 
  • Follow companies and industry leaders that interest you. This keeps you informed about industry trends and job openings. It also shows potential employers that you’re engaged and proactive.
  • Participate in LinkedIn groups related to your industry. This is a great way to expand your network and learn from industry experts. Engage in discussions, share insights, and ask questions.

If LinkedIn networking sounds daunting, we have good news for you! When you work with That’s Good HR, you are instantly linked to a network of Indianapolis employers actively seeking candidates with your specific skill set and experience. By leveraging the expertise of That’s Good HR, you can tap into a pool of employers that you might not otherwise find or be connected to. 

3. Leverage LinkedIn’s Job Search Tools and Features

LinkedIn’s ‘Open to Work’ feature is a game-changer.

LinkedIn's #opentowork feature

Applying “Open to Work” to your profile signals to recruiters that you’re actively seeking opportunities. To use it, go to your profile and click: ‘Show recruiters you’re open to work.’

Job search filters on LinkedIn can help you identify the right opportunities – filter jobs by location, industry, and job function. 

Set up job alerts on LinkedIn. This ensures you’re notified as soon as a job matching your criteria is posted. You can set alerts for specific companies, job titles, or fields of interest.

Remember, applying early to job postings increases your chances of getting noticed. At That’s Good HR, we often see applicants with incredibly strong resumes applying within 24-48 hours of listing a job. LinkedIn’s Easy Apply feature makes applying quickly possible –  but don’t forget to be thorough and provide a Cover Letter, if possible.

Writing of a Cover Letter

4. Demonstrate Your Skills and Expertise

Having recent recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn can really boost your credibility. Request recommendations from colleagues, managers, or clients who can vouch for your skills. Similarly, try endorsing others for their skills and they might just return the favor!

Don’t overlook your volunteer work and extracurricular activities. These can add depth to your profile and show your commitment to personal growth and community involvement. Add these experiences to the ‘Organizations’ section of your profile.

Remember, our team of recruiters at That’s Good HR are ready to work on your behalf, advocating for your skill set with potential employers, truly giving your resume a voice. 

5. Maintain Professionalism and Use Advanced LinkedIn Strategies

Whether you’re reaching out to a potential employer or responding to a connection request, always be courteous and professional.

Using advanced LinkedIn strategies is critical to finding your dream job fast. So if you’re ready to kick the job search into high gear, here are a few advanced strategies you may want to use:

  • Research potential employers: Using LinkedIn to research the company culture, recent news, and key employees will help you prepare for your interview. This will help you tailor your interview responses and show that you’ve done your homework.
  • Use LinkedIn analytics: LinkedIn analytics can help you monitor who’s viewed your profile, which posts have the most engagement, and how you compare to other applicants. Use this data to tweak your strategy and improve your chances of landing the job. 
  • Post consistently: Whether sharing insightful posts, writing articles, or engaging in meaningful discussions, posting on LinkedIn can showcase your industry expertise and increase your visibility on the platform.

Always remember to maintain professionalism and courtesy in your interactions on LinkedIn. This will help you leave a positive impression and build strong professional relationships.

Advanced Job Hunting Strategies ( with That’s Good HR)

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool in your job search if used effectively. By optimizing your profile, expanding your network, and leveraging LinkedIn’s job search tools you can increase your chances of finding that dream job. 

No matter the job market, finding just the right role can be challenging, but we’re here to get you hired faster. Leveraging both LinkedIn and our team of award-winning staffing professionals will supercharge your job search. At That’s Good HR, we know people and have placed thousands of candidates in a variety of positions. 

You’re not in this alone. Our team is here to walk alongside you from unearthing careers in your sweet spot, to giving your resume a voice and so much more. If you’re ready to take the next step in your job search journey, submit your resume to That’s Good HR today.

Job Advice

Can You Ever Recover from a “NCNS” Situation?

Amber Crosby
October 6, 2019

Our #1 priority at That’s Good HR is finding great candidates for great clients.  It’s what we do every day and we do it because we know we can help people.  That assistance includes helping people avoid one of the biggest mistakes that can be made.  That mistake is getting labeled as a “NCNS”.

The term “no call, no show” (NCNS) is attributed to a person that doesn’t show up to an assigned place or time.  This could be for a day of work or for an interview.  It is deemed as highly unprofessional and often can have repercussions beyond just that one day. This situation should be avoided at all costs but ghosting becomes more prevalent in a tight job market. If you find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation that will result in a no show, you need to make every attempt to communicate to your manager or hiring manager and recruiter.  In this situation, over-communication is best – call, email AND text (yes, all three).  Your job – either keeping one or getting one – is your priority and TGHR can help you manage that priority.

Is it possible to recover from a no call, no show situation?  Yes, but it is extremely difficult.  First, you need to have a valid reason for your manager or the hiring manager.  This needs to be true and monumental, like an unfortunate death in the family.  But stick with the truth, fabricating an excuse will make the situation worse down the line.

Next, you’ll want to apologize to any coworkers if you are currently working.  Your absence likely impacted them, and an apology would begin to repair broken trust. If you are currently working, you need to know the applicable policies that are in place.  Is there a no tolerance policy? What are your company’s repercussions?  Knowing the policy will help you understand the consequences you will inevitably be faced with.

Finally, don’t forget to communicate with your recruiter.  They need to be made aware of the situation as soon as possible.  The same courtesies need to be extended and a valid reason needs to be shared.  TGHR recruiters are experts in staffing and experts in knowing when something does not add up, so be forthcoming as an attempt to salvage the relationship.

Bottom line – it’s best to avoid this situation altogether.  If there are extenuating circumstances, relationships with your manager, hiring manager, co-workers or recruiters may be able to be salvaged, but do you really want to take that risk?


Perfect Time for Podcasts

Lindsey Curtis
September 10, 2019

Looking to change up your routine as you drive to work?  Need something else to listen to as you run on the treadmill?  We’ve got the perfect suggestion – podcasts!

Stop what you are doing right now and browse to the purple podcast button on your phone.  Don’t have one?  Head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and download Stitcher, which will get you started.  Once there, browse for these TGHR recommendations.

Anytime is a good time for self-improvement.  Have you been meaning to revise your resume (hint – use our resume template)? Looking for interview tips?  Career Cloud Radio is the podcast for you.  Even in its description, it states, “there’s no better show to hear practical and tactical job search advice that is actionable.”  It promises that you will learn something new in every episode.

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?  Then search for Gimlet Media and you will have your pick of podcasts that touch on how businesses are built.  Our recommendation?  Start with StartUp, which has eight seasons of episodes, will occupy you for quite some time.  The first season follows Alex Blumberg and how he started a podcast company.  It’s so entertaining that ABC had a sitcom  about Alex and how he started his business.  So, hurry up and get on the bandwagon now!

Also from Gimlet Media is The Pitch, which if you like Shark Tank, you’ll like the The Pitch.  Each episode founders pitch their businesses to a group of investors.  The types of businesses are varied and you will pick up personal branding tips along the way.  Each episode does include a follow-up interview with the founders, so if you like to know “where are they now” this podcast won’t leave you hanging.

Glassdoor has a great round-up of other career-related podcasts to check out to add to your list.

Not business related, but if you can’t get enough of Dateline and true crime stories, try the podcast Dirty John from the LA Times.  It’s told in six episodes and you’ll be on the edge of your seat by the last one.  It chronicles the life and family of Debra Newell, a successful interior designer from California and her relationship with John Meehan, a felon.  It’s narrated by Christopher Goffard, who is a reporter for the LA Times. Another crime-related podcast you might want to add to your list is Crime Junkies.  And it’s produced right here in Indianapolis!

Are you already listening to podcasts on a regular basis?  If so, please share with us on social media your favorites – we’d love to hear them!



Job Searching? There’s an App for That

Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
September 9, 2019

The Android App Store has more than 2.46 million apps to choose from, while the Apple App Store boasts 1.96 million apps as of the end of the second quarter of 2019. The phrase “there’s an app for that” applies to job hunting too!

Use an app like LinkedIn or Indeed to find jobs to apply for – and apply right from the app on both platforms. On LinkedIn, the app makes it easy to keep track of how many jobs you either saved or applied for – it is handy to have this information in one place! The Indeed app makes it easy to access your recent searches for specific position titles so you can check if anything new was posted.

Once you’ve applied, it is time to prep for an interview.  Practice makes perfect – check out and download an app like Job Interviews Questions and Answers.  This app helps you practice common interview questions you might encounter and gives you suggested answers that you can customize based on your experiences.

Next, before heading to the interview, you’ll want to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.  Tap and open Google Maps to make sure you know how to get to the company.  It is always best to arrive about 15 minutes before your slated interview time. Last month alone 174 people used Google to navigate to our office.

While you are waiting to meet your interviewer, take a moment and make sure your mind is clear and focused.  Using an app like Headspace or Calm can help calm your nerves ensuring that you present your best self.  Another app, Breathe, let’s you check in on physical and emotional feelings and recommends a meditation based on those feelings – some meditations are as short as 3 minutes. Have an Apple watch?  Take a minute to use the breathe function before you exit your car!

Apps are designed to enhance all aspects of your life – even finding a job.  An app is not a replacement for human contact though, so make sure to check out our job board and reach out to one of our staffing specialists.  But if you need to know how to tie a tie – don’t worry there’s an app for that!


How to Get a Job Quickly After Graduation

Amber Crosby
May 9, 2019

Seven out of 10 college seniors will graduate with approximately $30,000 in student loans according to recent data from the Institute for College Access & Success. Even with this debt, college graduates and their families think college is a worthwhile investment – 90 percent of families think that according to lender Sallie May.

At That’s Good HR, we agree education is a solid investment, but Americans are now burdened more by college loans then credit card or auto debt.  In addition, 1 in 3 graduates said their school loans prevented or delayed them from buying a home. Some innovative employers are even letting their employees trade vacation days in exchange for payment on their student loans since this type of debt impacts so many employees.

Graduates may be saddled with debt, but their job prospects are plentiful – which is good news.  This year, employers plan to hire nearly 11 percent more graduates from the class of 2019 than they did from the class of 2018. But with student loans and a fast-moving job market, it’s more important than ever to get into a job quickly.

Often, upon graduation students are still thinking about what type of office environment would be the right fit for them.  A temporary assignment in a chosen degree field allows prospective employees to assimilate into the workforce quickly and learn what type of office setting works best.  Temporary assignments can last from a few days to months, allowing recent grads to rack up experience while finding their way.  Entry-level customer service positions, human resources positions, accounting positions or admin roles are perfect for new graduates. A third of the time, we see temporary assignments turn into full-time positions. If the assignment ends, there is no need to worry, we can place hard-working candidates in another role quickly and seamlessly.

We would love to hear about your college experience and get you to work quickly to repay those loans! Reach out and we will let you know your options to get your career started. See all our open positions on our job board and apply today!


How Staffing is Similar to Dating

Lindsey Curtis
February 11, 2019

February is the month we celebrate love and we love helping people find a job.  Daily our superstar recruiters play matchmaker to match candidates with jobs.  Often the first step is to talk with candidates to find out their interests much like you would chat with someone on your first date.  Then potential employees are “set-up” with our clients, just like you’d “set-up” two single friends on a date. So how else is staffing similar to dating?

Online is all the rage. Many singles use online apps to find that special someone just like we advertise on job boards like LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter to find special candidates.  See which jobs would make you swipe right on our job board.

Face-to-face is key.  One of the hallmarks of our recruiting process is meeting our candidates face-to-face.  This is so helpful when talking to our clients. Even if it is someone you have been talking to for weeks or even months, you still would want to meet face-to-face to continue your relationship.

Finding your type. When on the dating scene, you might go out with one person for bit, and then switch and start seeing someone new.  Working at a temporary position allows you to try out a position before fully committing to the relationship – or job.

Timing is everything.  Sometimes candidates need to wait or go on a few different interviews before finding the right job. Just like dating where you might have to wait until the right person comes along.

What everyBODY is saying.  Body language plays an important role in the hiring process.  According to study conducted by Career Builder hiring managers know within the first five minutes if candidate is a good fit – just like love at first sight.

Breaking up is hard to do.  Sometimes relationships and jobs just don’t work out.  And that’s ok.  The beauty of working with a staffing company is if you let us know with notice, we’ll work on finding you your next sweet gig.  Just like you’d lean on a friend after a breakup with your sweetheart, That’s Good HR will be there for you!

Job Advice

Spooky Staffing Stories

Tiffany Moore headshot.
Tiffany Moore
VP, Client Partnerships
October 31, 2018

Job searching can be scary! Don’t let working with a staffing agency spook you – our recruiters find quality candidates for our clients every day.  But there are a few things to steer clear of, just like you’d avoid that creepy clown in the haunted house.

  1. Don’t ghost! Research shows that people are “ghosting” more than ever due to the tight labor market. Not showing up for an interview or work is one of the worst things you can do. This action can damage your reputation and have repercussions longer than just that one day.  Make sure to stay in contact with your recruiter who will help you avoid this ghastly mistake.
  2. Don’t fear a temporary assignment. You may be coming from full-time employment and taking a new assignment that is labeled as “temporary” might sound frightful. Have no fear – many of our temporary assignments turn into a temp-to-hire situation. Plus, a temporary assignment might be just what you need to make sure the company and culture is the right fit for you and you do not dread going to work.
  3. Don’t create an eerie silence. Once you have met with one of our staffing specialists, make sure you are available via phone and email. New opportunities come in daily from clients and in such a hair-raising labor market, time is of the essence.

See what positions are available here and dust the cobwebs off your resume and apply today!

Customer Experiences

Candidate Profile: Liz Noel

Susie McKenna
October 8, 2018

When the company Liz Noel worked for ceased operations back in 2013, she was immediately thrust into the job market seeking new employment.  Her previous experience included a multitude of administrative and office management skills and her positions had all been in the marketing arena including a production house and advertising agency. Thinking a staffing agency may be beneficial to her search, Liz checked out online reviews of multiple agencies. She liked what others had to say about That’s Good HR and decided to throw her hat into the ring by sending her resume to the office.

Her resume was received and reviewed by Lindsey Curtis, who Liz now refers to as her “go-to-gal”. Liz’s first assignment was in a new industry for her – an engineering firm.  Liz describes herself as a “lifelong learner” so she was excited and energized about the new industry.

After completing her temporary assignment downtown covering part of a maternity leave, Liz had the opportunity to move to the north side and take on a long-term assignment.  As she is a naturally curious person who enjoys talking with others, she decided to take the time and get to know several people in various departments at her new company, realizing everyone had something different to teach her. In addition, even though she was a temporary employee she was given the opportunity to participate in many company-provided training sessions, and she took advantage of these classes to increase her knowledge and advance her career skills.

Temporary assignments were appealing to Liz as it gave her a chance to learn so much every day, meet new people and be introduced to so many interesting industries.  She now works at a local startup company, where she began as a temporary employee.  At the beginning of the assignment, not only was she a temporary employee, but the person she reported to daily happened to also be a temporary employee.  As the company grew, she has had the rare opportunity to work on multiple sides of the business, ranging from finance to marketing to technical support, before landing her current permanent role.

Liz loves meeting new people and clearly does not mind a challenge.  Working with That’s Good HR has surpassed her expectations and she’s thrilled that she had Lindsey to shepherd her through every step of her journey.  Liz thinks working on contract is a two-way street and the perfect way to ensure that you are good fit at the company, and that the company is a good fit for you too.

Her advice for new temporary employees is to keep an open mind, as you never know where a temporary assignment might lead. Liz is living proof of that!

Customer Experiences

Candidate Spotlight: Shatalya Fields

Susie McKenna
July 26, 2018

When Shatalya Fields and her entire department got laid off, she did not know where her next job would be.  She had served in the Air Force for five years and after leaving the military she had worked in several positions – from leasing agent to cashier – but was eager to start a career. She had dabbled in healthcare, accounting and insurance positions and thought that one of those avenues would be the best fit for her talents.

While job searching she talked with one of her former coworkers, who also had been laid off.  Her friend suggested she call That’s Good HR. Shatalya reached out and was introduced to one of our staffing specialists, Kate Stephens.  Kate immediately recognized Shatalya’s skills and great attitude and sent her resume to one of That’s Good HR’s clients.

Shatalya was hired for a cash applications position and after her temporary assignment ended, she was hired on full time.  She continued in that position for a bit and then started to look for a different position in order to grow in her career. Seeing a position that peaked her interest with another staffing agency, Shatalya applied.  She got the job but after working at the company she did not feel it was a good fit for her – the energy was all wrong.  Realizing her error, she quickly contacted Kate again to see what jobs were currently available with That’s Good HR.

Kate placed her at a client around the corner from the That’s Good HR office in an accounting role.  Shatalya now plays a key role handling ACH payments, making adjustments, and balancing the general ledger for a major Indianapolis company.  She has an amazing, supportive boss who supports Shatalya’s career goals.  She is on a management track now and in two to three years is poised to take over her department.

As an employee on track for management, Shatalya is now sitting in on interviews for new employees.  Her best advice for interviewees? Ask questions at the end of the interview.  She recommends asking at least two questions (make sure to prepare ahead of time).  Asking questions shows the hiring manager how interested you are in the job.  She also recommends being truthful and open in your interview.  Being honest about her past experience of being laid off is one of the many reasons she has the job she does today. Shatalya is now learning so much and is on the path to become an incredible manager at her current company.

So, what are you waiting for?  Start your career today by calling That’s Good HR.  Whether it’s Kate or one of our other awesome recruiters that helps you out you’ll be on the path to success in no time!


Staffing Stats – All Time Low

Greta Cline, CFO
Greta Cline
Partner, CFO/COO
June 6, 2018

On June 1, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the latest unemployment stats. Last month, the rate reached an 18-year low and that trend is continuing.  The unemployment rate is currently at the lowest rate in nearly half a century – that’s truly remarkable!

The unemployment rate dipped to 3.8 percent in the U.S. in May.  Good news if you hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, the unemployment rate is even lower at 2.1 percent.   In addition, total employment increased by 223,000 and the number of unemployed people fell to 6.1 million.

In our home state of Indiana, the unemployment rate is also extremely low.  The state unemployment rate has been below the national rate for the past four years, with one small exception.  For one month in 2014, the rates were equal. Not bad, right?  The total labor force in Indiana is 3.3 million workers.

According to the American Staffing Association, staffing job growth has risen an average of 3.6 percent per month, which is significantly higher than the average of 2.2% for all of 2017.

With unemployment at this historic low, finding qualified candidates is more difficult than ever.  But not to worry, That’s Good HR is up for the challenge. What sets us apart from others is our daily process of sourcing quality employees and meeting with our candidates face-to-face.  When we schedule candidates out for client consideration, we know that they are vetted and well-suited to each unique client’s needs.

Whether you are looking to make a change from your current gig or have open positions we’re ready to help today and every day.  Recruiting times are tough, but we’re tougher!