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Our Staff’s Favorite Apps

September 11, 2019

What’s one app on your phone that you use daily? The top contenders are most likely your Calendar and Email apps.  Your Camera, Photos or social media icons are probably up there too. TGHR payroll manager Kirstia Cropper uses Pinterest daily to make or save her favorite recipes. Did you know that That’s Good HR has a Pinterest page? Go ahead, open your app and follow it!

Meanwhile, our resident amateur meteorologist and VP, client partnerships Tiffany Moore, does not leave the house without consulting her Weather app.  Her other favorite app is Evernote, something she has in common with staffing specialist Lana Bobb, who also claims Evernote as her favorite every day app. One of the key features of the Evernote app is it syncs with the desktop version, so if you write a note on the go, it will be there when you sit down at your computer. Staffing specialist Lindsey Curtis organizes her life with the Cozi app.  Cozi has a shared calendar, grocery list, recipe saver and reminders built in to make your life simple.

Amber Graves, account executive, logs into to her Meijer app, which helps to keep her family fed! Not to worry thought, she uses YNAB to make sure her grocery spends stay on budget.  YNAB, which stands for You Need a Budget, is such a popular app, it even has its own Facebook group dedicated to using it.  TGHR owner, Mary Springer, loves Mint for budgeting – no wonder she’s a businesswoman! Meanwhile, director of marketing Susie McKenna orders more things off her Amazon app than she is willing to admit while staffing specialist Madison Schacht uses My Fitness Pal daily to help her stay healthy.

CFO/Owner, Greta Cline would be lost (literally) without her Waze app, especially this construction season. Before senior staff accountant Meaghan Smith leaves for the day she takes a moment to read the daily version from her Holy Bible YouVersion app.  This app even lets you read the bible on your iWatch!

Many TGHR staffers would be lost without their Starbucks app, which is key for keeping complicated orders straight (grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte with soy milk or iced blueberry black tea with only three pumps anyone?). Other favorite apps of almost all staff members are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  Of course, you can find many of us on LinkedIn daily!

What is your favorite app that you could not live without? We would love to hear about it!


How to Make Sure Your Social Media is Job Search Ready

March 7, 2019

Social media can be an asset in your job search.  It can help you network with potential co-workers and research employers.  But job seekers are not the only people spending time on social. According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of employers use social media to research potential employees.  In addition, 57 percent of employers found content that caused them not to hire a candidate.  How do your social profiles look?

If you are job hunting, your first stop is to make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.  List all your positions and a few key responsibilities or successes you had while in those roles.   According to LinkedIn, profiles with photos get 21x more views.  If you chose to include a photo, your photo should be a headshot with eye contact and a smile.  Avoid having items like sunglasses or other people in your pic.

Next up on LinkedIn, go to the upper right-hand corner and select Edit URL. Personalize your URL to be your name, removing the additional characters that is assigned to you. For example, a LinkedIn URL of www.linkedin.com/in/john-smith will make it easier for employers to find you.  While you are at it, make sure your settings reflect that you are open to opportunities and recruiters contacting you.  To do this, go to Account – Settings & Privacy and scroll down to “Job Seeking Preferences”.

For social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, in general it is a good idea to think before you post.  For Facebook, since chances are you might have had your account for a while, check your settings of who can see what posts from both the past and present.  Facebook has a handy guide with simple steps to follow to limit past posts.  You can also turn off search engine indexing in your privacy settings, which helps prevent old posts from resurfacing.

For Twitter and Instagram, if you think some content may not appeal to all employers, you can make your account private.  By doing this, you will have to approve all new followers on your accounts. Your current followers would not be impacted by that switch on either platform.

On any platform, if you think there are any potential red flags, you could clean your social media by deleting the post from any or all platforms.  Types of posts to be aware of include:

  • Negative posts about co-workers or employers
  • Photos showing you partying it up from the weekend
  • Posts with significantly bad grammar
  • See what Business News Daily says to avoid on your profile here.

Overall, your social media profiles are your online reputation and it is your choice how to handle them. And depending on what type of position you are interested in, being active on social media might help you land the job.  But with three-fourths of employers checking online profiles, you want to put your best foot forward – in person and online!

Job Advice

Tips to Be a Rock Star Candidate

July 17, 2017

We’re in the people business.  We’ve been finding the right people for the right jobs for nearly 20 years.  We LOVE working with our candidates.  How can you be a rock star candidate?  When you come in to meet with us, take heed of these simple steps:

  • Be honest. Let us know your expertise and your expectations so we can match you with the perfect placment
  • Polish your resume. Make sure you’ve got a current resume uploaded to our site.  Don’t have one handy?  Use our resume template to create one.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile. Daily, 45 million profiles on average are viewed on LinkedIn. Will yours stand out?  Make sure it’s up-to-date and puts your best foot forward.
  • Be patient. Even if we don’t have an opening right now that’s a match for your skills, our phone is always ringing with new opportunities.

Now, you’ve met with a recruiter and you have been placed in your first assignment.  We are just as excited as you are.  So, what can you do to continue to be a rock star?  Don’t worry, we’ve got a plan for that too.

  • Share feedback. We love to hear feedback. Feedback is important and helps us for future placements with companies and type of position.
  • Be resourceful. Don’t understand something that is going on?  Utilize different resources to find the answer.  Ask a fellow coworker in the same situation, reach out to your recruiter or try a quick Google search.
  • Keep in touch. Keep us updated if anything changes with you.  Don’t be shy about checking in with your recruiter if your status changes.  Send a quick email or call once a month so we know what’s happening with you.

Whether we’ve already met or you’re a rock star waiting in the wings, we will work to get you the right position at the right time.  After all, we’re in the people business.  Check out our latest job opportunities online.



Job Advice

3 Steps to a Stellar LinkedIn Profile

Lindsey Curtis
April 5, 2017

Remember when people met face-to-face, shook hands, shared small talk, and exchanged business cards? We’re all about personal, one-on-one communication, but our online world has traded in business cards for LinkedIn profiles and handshakes with digital invitations—and it’s time to embrace it. LinkedIn allows for connection with people across many professionals and fields. Think of it like casting a broad net into a very big sea of opportunities. But having a polished profile can mean the difference between starting a new career and being stuck in a nowhere position. Don’t miss out on your next opportunity. Follow these three easy steps to make your LinkedIn profile shine.

1. Keep it Updated

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a living, breathing resume that needs to change and grow constantly with you. New jobs, titles, responsibilities, or even important projects and career highlights should be woven into your profile on a regular basis. Don’t forget to highlight new areas of expertise and volunteer work, and also consider asking others to add endorsements to your page. Once a year is not enough, so mark your calendar to review and update your profile monthly.

2. Write a Killer Summary

While a list of your credentials, education, and titles is important, the summary section of your profile should never be left blank. Not only does this area highlight your specialties and accomplishments, but the summary is how people get to know you. Think of it as a way to give a snapshot of who you are and what you’re all about professionally—it’s essentially your elevator pitch. Use a polished yet conversational tone to draw readers into what you’re saying. And don’t be afraid to let your personality come through as long as it stays professional. One last thing: stay away from overused, stale words like “analytical, strategic, energetic, detail-oriented, etc” to keep your profile unique and fresh.

3. Pay Attention to Details

Details may seem small and meaningless, but it’s important not to overlook them. Recruiters and prospective employers notice all the little things that go into making a profile stand out. Focus on these areas as you polish up your profile:

  • Fix grammar and spelling errors! We can’t stress this one enough.
  • Use a professional photo.
  • Customize your LinkedIn URL.
  • Consider adding media to your profile—a few select videos, presentations and documents that you’re proud of.
  • Link to your blog or personal website, if relevant.
  • Add a background photo for a polished look.

With a little time devoted to sprucing up your LinkedIn profile, you can establish a professional online presence sure to grab attention. Using social media is one of the best ways to expand your contacts and do some networking. And who knows, the connections you make today may lead to an exciting career tomorrow.