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What Managers Really Want

Amber Crosby
August 3, 2017

What do managers want?  What do they really, really want (shout out to the Spice Girls)?  Check out these qualities that can make you a great employee for your manager.

Be prepared.  Just like the scout motto, do your part to be prepared for conversations and make sure to be prepared before heading into a meeting.  Make sure you are ready to listen, have questions ready that you need answers for, and take a deep breath…and go!

Be inquisitive.  If you don’t know what is expected or the answer to a question, ask.  Assumptions often lead to frustration, so it’s best to be clear from the beginning.  Asking questions can also demonstrate that you are thinking ahead, which is a great way to show your strategic side.

Be collaborative.  When your boss suggests a new way of doing things, look for ways to enhance his/her idea.  Collaborate with the boss to make the idea a success.  Your boss will appreciate your input and it can make you the go-to person in the future.

Be receptive.  Look around and learn your boss’ habits.  Know how they like info presented to them so you can set yourself up for success.  Being attentive to details will serve you well.

Be professional.  This may sound like a no-brainer but only 11% of managers said new hires embody this trait.  Things like being on time, working well in a team, and demonstrating a good work ethic can make you stand out to your manager.

For more, see this list of 5 things every boss is dying for you to do, but won’t ask for.  And when you’re ready for a new boss or to become the boss yourself, check out our current openings.


Losing Your Best Employees: What the National Quit Rate is Telling Us

Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
January 25, 2017

If you’re losing employees right now, you’re not alone. A rebounding economy and increased job opportunities have boosted the confidence of job seekers in many parts of the country. Workers are so confident, in fact, that some are even willing to quit their jobs without having secured their next step in employment. Since 2010, the national quit rate has been steadily climbing. This telling metric in the labor market speaks sobering news to those of us who need to retain our best employees.

So, it’s time to get serious about employee engagement and retention. But where to start? And what do you do if you can’t afford to pour serious resources into raises or other financial incentives? We’ve got you covered. Download our new tip sheet with eight, easy-to-implement ways you can engage and retain your best workers starting today.

Download now–>8 Tips for Retaining Top Talent (despite the quit rate)