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Summer Temp Jobs May Be the Right Fit for You!

Kirstia Cropper headshot.
Kirstia Cropper
Operations Manager
May 11, 2022

Are you a teacher who wants to make a little extra income this summer? A new grad wanting to explore the Indy job scene? A student looking for internship credits? That’s Good HR has something for everyone with our summer temp jobs and temp-to-hire assignments. The summer months are the perfect time to try out a temporary assignment (or a few!) and get to know more about the thriving industries and top employers here in Indianapolis!

Temping as a teacher for the summer

As a teacher or school employee, one of the biggest perks is having your summers off. But whether you’re wanting to earn some extra cash or just getting bored, many teachers take on “gigs” during the summer. But you don’t have to take on the odd hours of driving for Uber or delivering for DoorDash. Temporary positions have an unfounded reputation for being entry-level or grunt work positions, but That’s Good HR has a number of temporary assignments in local offices and organizations that will allow you to maintain a full- or part-time job with dependable hours and great perks during your summer off. 

And after the extreme stress of the past few school years, many educators are considering joining “The Big Quit,” and our temp jobs are the perfect chance to check out other industries to see if something else may be the perfect fit for your skill set. A temporary assignment could also reinvigorate your love for the classroom and teach you new skills to bring back to school this fall! 

Trying summer temp jobs after graduation

Did you just graduate from college? Congratulations! If you are still looking for your first career — or want to explore your options before committing to a company — then a temp or temp-to-hire position may be the right fit for you. We work with many new grads to find the best assignments for their education and skills. Summer temp jobs can allow you to try out a variety of careers, and temp-to-hire can do the same, but with the added potential for full-time hiring at the end of your assignment. 

As our previous client Jessica Jordan explained, “Being able to work in different fields has been wonderful, especially when I was first starting my career and figuring out what career path I wanted to take. With That’s Good HR, I have worked in healthcare, IT, retail and construction. The companies I worked with were great, and I really enjoyed my coworkers.”

Working a temp job as an internship

Our hiring specialists have also worked with current students to turn their temp job into an internship. Students can look specifically for temp assignments in our open jobs, and you’ll only have to apply once through That’s Good HR! Let us know about the specifics of your internship program/needs, and we’ll review your resume with all open temp positions in mind. 

With permission from your college or professors, your internship credits can be signed off by our hiring specialists, and you’ll have all the benefits of a real-life temp assignment as your internship experience. Enjoy networking with local employers, work directly with a staffing specialist on your interview skills and learn more about the Indy job scene. And if you make a good impression at your temp assignment, there could be a good chance that they’ll keep you in mind for full-time positions once you graduate!

Are you ready to explore the local temp and temp-to-hire assignments available through That’s Good HR? Contact us today at 317-469-4141 to learn more or submit your resume!

HR Insights

Why You Need a Summer Temp

Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
March 16, 2017

The weather may be chilly, but it’s time to start thinking about warm weather—and your business forecast this summer. What challenges do you anticipate the next few months? Do you have new project or marketing initiatives that need tackled? Any employees out for lengthy trips or leaves? Or maybe you just need to get caught up on paperwork. Either way, now’s the time to work out solutions before these issues become real headaches. Hiring a summer temp may be just the solution to give your business a leg up for next year. Let’s chat about why you might need a staffing boost this summer.

Summer temps can tackle projects that get put on the back burner. We’ve all been there—work gets busy and tasks are set aside for when we “have more time.” Unfortunately that extra time doesn’t always come, or when it does, we’re busy with other things. It can feel like a never-ending cycle. Consider hiring a summer temp to dive into those lost projects getting you caught up and back on track.

Add a dose of fresh ideas and new eyes. Successful businesses learn and grow as the world changes, but thinking about your company in new ways can be difficult. After all, sometimes it’s hard to think “outside the box” when you’ve been in the box for so long. Adding a temporary team member to your mix may be the boost you need to gain brilliant insights into your next initiative.

Temporary hires can be groomed for future employment. Think of it as specialized on-the-job training that’s mutually beneficial. You mold a talented summer temp with tailored work experience while he/she grows in their skills and confidence, producing an outstanding potential long-term employee. It’s truly a win-win. This strategy can build lasting, loyal workers.

Summer temps alleviate the strain from staff vacations. Warm months are the most popular season for your employees to take time off. But those staffing shortages can stall workflow and productivity. Since many temporary hires are eager to work in the summer, seasonal temps can step in to fill these gaps and keep your business moving forward.

Right now is the best time to look ahead to the future and knock out your recruitment challenges. Working with staffing experts like That’s Good HR is a great way to find the right summer temp to keep your business running smoothly. Let’s get started! Contact us today!