Bridging the Gap with Onboarding

Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
May 20, 2022

Okay, so you’ve made a new hire … now the hard part’s over, right? Not quite. Although That’s Good HR works with our clients primarily on the hiring process, we know that the transition from new hire to company contributor is one that takes a lot of input and support. Having a well-planned onboarding process can help your new hire know they’ve made the right decision to join your company, so it’s important to get it right from day one. As you prepare to train your next new hire, we recommend establishing or reevaluating your onboarding process with these tips. 

Planning your onboarding process

Having a plan is the most essential aspect of onboarding. Whether your new hire is joining the workforce for the first time, or has 20 years of experience, you don’t want to assume how much they will know about how your company operates. Ensure that they feel welcome by setting up the basics of their workspace, help them begin important HR processes like benefit enrollment and get them set up with payroll as soon as possible. 

In their first weeks, provide your new hire with granular-level duties and detailed explanations, prioritizing self-sufficiency where you can. Let them know that no question is too basic to ask, especially with regards to setting up their phone, computer or other devices. Some people will have plenty of knowledge about how an office, their technology, etc. works, but others will not. Err on the side of offering more information than not enough.

Establishing a mentor

If you are frequently onboarding new hires, it may be beneficial to establish a formal orientation. Large companies often align hiring dates for new employees on a cycle that allows for group orientations either weekly, biweekly or monthly. The leader of this orientation is often a dedicated human resources team member, with their onboarding schedule allowing for additional training in each new hire’s specific department. 

While this is a great method of efficiency for larger employers, smaller organizations can establish a similar protocol. Having a dedicated HR staff member to onboard new hires (even if that’s just one aspect of their job) will provide each person with a similar experience and ensure they learn about the company’s overall mission and culture, before getting into the weeds of their specific job. This HR member can be there to answer general questions for new employees, but ideally there will also be a mentor within each new hire’s department as well. It’s important to dedicate time to onboarding, with regular training and check-in’s for up to 12 weeks.

Onboarding with That’s Good HR

One of the best parts about working with the hiring specialists at That’s Good HR is that you can also incorporate our team into your onboarding process, especially with temp-to-hire positions. We can provide new employees with their payroll, benefits and health insurance, allowing you more time during the onboarding process to focus on teaching them about company culture and the details of their job. Temp-to-hire placements also offer a natural time to assess the situation for both parties, and with a successful onboarding process, new hires are much more likely to be satisfied with their position becoming permanent. 

Some employers may be concerned about the cost of an elaborate onboarding process, but we urge you to consider the higher cost of an unsuccessful onboarding. From the start of the hiring process, companies should be transparent about their culture and what each job entails, and as supportive as possible once the hire has been made. For many new hires, if they feel they’ve been part of a “bait and switch” and there has been no loyalty built to the company yet, they will have no hesitation in leaving. At that point, you’ll have not only wasted your time and effort in their hiring and/or training, but you’ll have to do it all over again too. 

If you’re looking to hire and onboard at your company, we’d be happy to help! Contact our staffing specialists today at 317-469-4141 to learn more about partnering with That’s Good HR. 

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The Secret to Falling Back in Love with Your Work (or to just like it again)

Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
February 11, 2022

The season of love is here, and falling head over heels doesn’t just have to be reserved for your Valentine. At That’s Good HR, we love to match candidates with local Hoosier companies they can truly love working with — even beyond the initial honeymoon phase! If you’ve been losing that loving feeling at your job, we’ve got some top tips and secrets to falling back in love with your work … or at least to just like it again. 

Remember why you fell in love in the first place

There must be a reason that you started working with the company you’re at now. Think back to your hiring process and early days of the job. What made you excited to apply for your position? Was it the tasks you’d be completing, the fabulous hours or a shorter commute? Even if you “fell” into your current career, there are probably at least a few things that you loved about your position early on. Try to remember those reasons and find a way to reignite the spark. 

Get to know your coworkers

As most of us know, the people you work with can make or break the relationship with your company. If you don’t know your coworkers very well, it could be time to make the effort. Having enjoyable social relationships to look forward to each day will make going into work much more pleasant from day to day. And forming close friendships with your coworkers can also make it that much easier to feel like you can be yourself, share new ideas and offer your company the full extent of your creativity. 

Ask for feedback on your work

Another benefit to getting to know your coworkers better is the chance to ask them for feedback on your recent work. Maybe you’ve been getting complacent — or even bored — with your current tasks. Getting helpful feedback on how you’ve been doing things could allow you to find new or more efficient ways to complete your tasks could have you falling back in love with your work in no time.

You can also set up a time to meet with your supervisor to discuss your concerns. A good company will do their best to keep a good worker like you. Many workers who are joining in the “Big Quit” are feeling burnt out in their current positions. Could your supervisor work with you to offer more flexibility in working hours or the option to work from home? Do you need more challenging tasks or just different tasks? Once you spend time identifying what would bring the spice back, asking is much easier and more exciting!

Seek out ongoing education and learn new things

Ongoing education and training can be a great way to reignite the passion for your career. Perhaps your company offers in-house educational opportunities that you can take advantage of. Many organizations also provide their employees the job benefit of paying for external professional development or even relevant higher education classes. Just make sure to read the fine print to know if you will need to stay on for a certain period of time after taking any college classes (or else you may need to pay back your tuition out of pocket). 

If there aren’t any opportunities for further education through your company, you can always seek out options on your own. There are practically unlimited free and low-cost courses (both online and in-person) for learning new job skills with just a quick Google search. Learning new things about your career field could start you back on the path to falling back in love with your work, help you snag a big promotion or maybe allow you to realize you’re looking for something different. 

Try something new

If you have tried and tried to love your work and it just isn’t happening, maybe it’s time to start the search for a new position. That’s Good HR has worked for more than 20 years to pair Indianapolis companies with top candidates in all kinds of industries like HR, administrative, customer service, healthcare and accounting. If you’re ready to seek out a new position that you really love, submit your resume or contact us today at 317-469-4141!