Employee on unexpected leave…now what?

Tiffany Moore headshot.
Tiffany Moore
VP, Client Partnerships
March 29, 2018

Having employees out, even it’s just for one day, can lead to undue stress on other employees. Not to mention, leave work unfinished and business unattended.  Research shows that more than 10% of the workforce is on a qualified FMLA leave at any given time.  Since it was signed into law more than two decades ago, 100 million employees have used this benefit.

There’s a simple solution if you find yourself with an employee unexpectedly out.  Hire a temp through TGHR! Using temporary employees is a common solution.  According to the American Staffing Association (ASA), staffing companies nationwide employed an average of 3.19 million temporary and contract workers per week in 2017.  This is the third highest number of temp employees since right before the recession (2006).  Temporary employees worked an average assignment of 10.7 weeks in 2017.

Temporary workers can work for as little as one day to cover your front desk or for a few months to run your payroll due to an extended leave of absence.  At That’s Good HR, we’ve helped provide temporary workers for a one-day absence in a mail room or for a receptionist to cover a front desk for a day.  We have provided temporary accountants for one week to three months and more.  If you need HR support, a medical verification specialist or a customer service representative we have temps for those positions too.

Didn’t plan ahead?  Not a problem.  That’s why we are interviewing people daily so we can be ready for your call.  We see this all the time and are happy to help in these times of need.  Need a temp?  Call us today!