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Take these things off your resume!

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April 22, 2010

Over the last 10 years, I have seen some very interesting resumes come across my desk.  From candidate’s full length photos to birthdates and names of children, to social security numbers.  In today’s age of social media where everyone seems to know everything about everyone, this should not be your attitude while searching for a job. 

At That’s Good HR, we like to help candidates while they’re searching for Indianapolis Job Openings to keep your resume simple and succinct.  You’ll have a better chance of landing that first interview.

After doing some research to see what other people are seeing out there, I came across a few articles that do a great job detailing what you should avoid putting on your resume.  Here’s one source that caught my attention.

While some things are more obvious no-no’s than others, here are a few things they listed that you may or may not be aware of that you should remove from your resume.

1)       College Graduation Date
2)       Irrelevant Experience
3)       Jobs from long ago and far away
4)       Personal Information
5)       Gaps in History
6)       PHOTOS!!

The article briefly hits on social networking sites as well.  Makes sure that your profile pictures on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and any other site is cleaned up and doesn’t show you doing a keg stand in your living room at your last house party.  While we all like to have a little fun, this isn’t what you want a potential employer seeing when they do a google search on you.  And trust me, they will.

Remember, your resume is your first impression.  It represents you and what you can do for a company.  Make sure it’s professional, honest and to the point.  Professional recruiters like myself are also a great resource for helping you to get your resume into shape as you pursue your next career move.