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That’s Good HR Weekly News Update – August 12, 2011

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August 11, 2011
vacationWhen was the last time you went on vacation and actually tried to disconnect for a week, a day, a minute? It is almost impossible and while I tried my very best, I found myself sneaking looks at my email, my news feeds and even my investments. While I skimmed the news, my mind was automatically thinking "this would be a good article for the That’s Good HR weekly news update". You just cannot get away completely unless you take a trip to a place where there is absolutely not connectivity to the outside world. Needless to say, I am back and have spent much of this week catching up on the news so I could once again share with you some relevant items from the week. If you are on vacation this week, my hope is that if you are reading this, you appreciate the summary of the news and it will allow more time for relaxing!

How Toxic are your Coworkers? The first thing the researchers discovered is that office conditions matter. A lot. In particular, the risk of death seemed to be correlated with the perceived niceness of co-workers, as less friendly colleagues were associated with a higher risk of dying. (Wired.com)

Bring your Attorney to Work?: Employees have no explicit right to bring their own attorneys to an internal-investigation interview, but companies should not reject such requests out-of-hand. And in some cases, having an employee’s attorney present could be helpful to the company. (hreonline)

Great Info For HR Pros to make sure you know What’s Up Re: Recession/American Debt Situation… Let’s face it, no one really expects most HR pros to have an opinion on the Debt Ceiling crisis or the Recession, which at this point seems like it is still going. (hrcapitalist)

July’s Job Numbers: The Sky Isn’t Falling! Yet…Despite this growth and landing above Wall Street expectations, we’re still below the number needed to really make a dent in the unemployment rate — but it’s an improvement.  (The Hiring Site)

Looking for work? You might want to try smaller businesses, which are doing the heavy lifting when it comes to job growth, according to a new report from payroll processor ADP. (LA Times)

Your Vacation Request … Denied? If you offer your employees vacation time, you may be wondering whether and when you can deny a vacation request. (Benefit News)

10 Ways to curb subtle FMLA Abuse: Rooting out the more subtle types of FMLA abuse takes diligence and tracking leave patterns can be time consuming and expensive. (HR news)

Ascension Health Ministry Service Center Officially Opens in Indianapolis: "We are excited to welcome Ascension Health’s new professional service center and its 500 new jobs to Indianapolis.We are fortunate Indianapolis was chosen over a number of options as the location for this important business operation and we look forward to a strong partnership with them as they make our city their home," said Mayor Greg Ballard. (DevelopIndy)

Social Media Processes for the workplace – Cool Infographic: This is an interesting infographic on corporate social media policies. It’s a pretty interesting graphic but, as with most social media policy conversations it only focuses on either brand protection, promoting the brand, or employee freedom. (marketingtechblog)

How are Workers Finances looking Post Recession? Forty-two percent of workers in the survey of more than 5,200 workers say they usually or always live paycheck to paycheck, an improvement from 43 percent in 2010 and in line with levels seen back in 2007, pre-recession. (thehiringsite)

Five problem employees and how to handle them: The poor fit, th
e disappearing act, the scofflaw, the sour apple, the filcher. (Benefit news)