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That’s Good HR Weekly News Update – August 26, 2011

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August 25, 2011
appleIf you have not seen at least 600 articles about Steve Jobs this week than I am sorry to disappoint, but you will not see one here.  I assume you are up to date on the "Jobs" topic, but there was a lot of other important business and HR news out there this week that you might have missed. I hope you consider this news update your "apple a week" to keep the mind healthy and strong. Health care (always in the news), Social Media, Economic news (not so good), EEOC (interesting stuff), local business updates and of course some cool stuff about staffing and recruitment are all hot this week.  Speaking of "jobs", things have been exceptionally BUSY here at That’s Good HR this week so if you have any friends or family seeking employment, be sure to send them our way.


Survey says… Big shift in health coverage could be coming:
Nearly one in 10 midsized or big employers expects to stop offering health coverage to workers after insurance exchanges begin operating in 2014 as part of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. (business week)

Social Media policies and the Government…what are they watching?: The U.S. Chamber just released a new study that analyzes 129 SM-related NLRB cases. Check it out to see what exactly the government is targeting when it comes to employer social media (SM) policies.

EEOC loses bid to limit credit histories in hiring: Our recent story—“Employer beats EEOC in credit-history fight”—describes a major victory for employers. Now, perhaps, we can expect more courts to look skeptically on some of the EEOC’s tactics, giving employers more tools to build the workforces they need. (business mgmt daily)

Fragile economy fuels demand for temporary workers: Employers have stepped up their use of flexible staffing while downgrading their plans to increase their permanent workforce, as economic uncertainty continues.(Personnel today)

Enterprise Social Networking: What’s The Worst Case Scenario? Experts weigh in on some of the biggest social security risks that threaten enterprises and how to thwart them. (information week)

Seven Indiana companies make latest Inc. 500 list: Indianapolis-based Slingshot SEO ranked 58th, tops among the seven Indiana firms on the list announced Tuesday morning by Inc. magazine. (IBJ)

Do not dismiss the importance of engagement in your success: Research is confirming the interconnectedness of engaged employees and profitable companies, although it may be impossible to determine which comes first — the engagement or the productivity. Too many companies, however, put up roadblocks that hamper engagement. (HRE online)

Don’t Worry, Be prepared to be Happy: I both love and believe in serendipity—which is defined as the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. (Open Forum)

Good Advice for your Hiring managers: A recent article on Recruiter.com discussed Brook’s Law and its implications for recruiting and hiring. Brook’s Law states that adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. The gist of Brook’s Law is that you can’t throw manpower at any project and expect to experience the same labor productivity. (recruiter.com)