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That’s Good HR Weekly News Update – July 15, 2011

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July 14, 2011
hotI know it is not news to anyone that it is HOT outside. The temps are rising, but it does not appear that hiring trends are following the lead of the weather. This week we have some news from the Secretary of Labor about how to work in excessive heat and some "cooling off" labor market updates from SHRM and Careerbuilder. Do you know some horrible bosses? We have some tips that might sound familiar. The good news is that according to a recent story in the IBJ, State officials say Indiana is flush with cash reserves because of an improving economy and deep budget cuts made over the past year. Stay cool out there!

Paycheck pickup…make sure you understand the laws: Can an organization require employees to pick up their paychecks only at specific times and dates? Can the company require employees to sign up for direct deposit? Review this article focusing on the laws govern such actions. (HRE online)

2011 Mid-Year Job Forecast from Careerbuilder: CareerBuilder just released their interesting job expectations for the remainder of 2011. The report highlights some very encouraging figures for the U.S. job market. (recruiter.com)

Looking for the perfect Employee? Be Specific About What you Want: Detailed Job Descriptions are critical in finding the perfect employee (Net-temps.com)

As the Temps rise, hiring Cools in the US.: U.S. manufacturers and service-sector companies will add jobs at a lower rate in July 2011 than in July 2010, and HR professionals are still struggling to recruit workers for key positions. (SHRM.org)

Statement by Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on excessive heat across the country: (Dept of Labor)

Sure signs that you Might Be a Horrible Boss: From the results of a recent survey of over 200 business professionals, here are the top twelve body language behaviors of less-than-ideal bosses. (Forbes)

Make sure your wellness incentives are rewarding the right behaviors: Forgetting the golden rule and rewarding wrong people are among the top four reasons Sykes lists for why employee wellness incentives fail. (Benefit News)

Employees want caring over cash: According to a recent survey conducted by Monster.com and Unum, the top-rated item on would-be employees’ wish lists is a company “that truly cares about the well-being of its employees.”

Local IT consultancy plans to add 200 jobs: An Indianapolis-based information technology consultancy plans to lease additional office space on the city’s north-east side to make way for a planned addition of 200 workers by 2015.

Working the mobile way is becoming business as usual: “Nearly one third of small-business owners tell us that they check their mobile device before they brush their teeth in the morning, which really signals the growing importance of mobile devices for conducting business today.” (portfolio.com)

Interesting Stats on Nonfatal Injuries and Illnesses By Occupation: There were 1,238,490 cases of nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses in 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. (recruiter.com)