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That’s Good HR Weekly News Update – September 16, 2011

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September 16, 2011
What do we haFootballve on the list of interesting and important updates this week? Recharging burnt out employees, current hot HR Lawsuit topics, rewards systems insights, great interview questions to use and some valuable benefits updates. While it may not be as fun as fantasy football, there is some great information out there in the news these days so make sure you follow our Weekly News Updates so you don’t miss a thing! With Football season here, cooler weather is coming our way so it is already time to start planning for the upcoming holidays and winter contingencies. I know that sounds crazy, but it will be here before you know it.

Interesting HR dilemma brewing with Groupon Lawsuit: Workforce reported earlier this week that Groupon, the hot Chicago-based startup that basically defined the "daily deals" category, has been sued in "class action" style for unpaid overtime. (HR Capitalist)

Taxing Health Insurance part of Obama Plan – Response is Opposition: President Barack Obama is asking lawmakers to tax the health insurance benefits of top earners, stirring opposition from congressional Democrats who fought a similar proposal in the 2010 health-care law. (Business Week)

Ideas for Recharging Burnt Out Employees: Corporate America does lend itself to a workday that includes 90-minute intervals of intense work and then periods of deep recharging. (Benefit News)

Equitable vs. Equal Employee Rewards – Important on Global Scale: It’s important to ensure employees are rewarded equally around the world, right? Wrong. Rather, it’s important to ensure employees are rewarded equitably around the world. (Compensation Cafe)

Survey – Are Employees who Work from Home Really Working?: One in five Americans who work from home spend one hour or less working, according to new CareerBuilder survey.  (The Hiring Site)

Some Great Interview Questions you Should Always Ask: Interviewing prospective job candidates can be an onerous task. And, often, valuable time is wasted conducting interviews that leave you no closer to finding out anything useful about the people you’ve met. BusinessNewsDaily asked five hiring experts to tell us what questions they would ask to find out what they need to know before making the hire. (Business News Daily)

Personnel Problems? Here are some tips:  In every company I have consulted or coached, there exists personnel problems. Natural, you may say, and assume nothing can be done about it. (Net-temps.com)

Can Productivity Really Increase by Surfing the Web at Work?: Employees shouldn’t be surfing the Web when they’re in the office, right? It’s just common sense. Some recent studies are turning that bit of management wisdom on its head. (Bnet.com)

Presentation tips – Never say "Does that makes sense?"-One trend I’ve noted recently is the expression, "Does that make sense?" often used by a speaker during a conversation — or a presenter during a presentation — to check whether the listener or audience has understood or appreciated what the speaker has just said. Unfortunately, the expression has two negative implications: (Harvard Business Review)

BLS: Benefits costs nearly 30% of total wages: The latest federal data shows that benefits costs account for about 30% of employees’ total wages, as private-sector employers spent an average of $28.13 per hour worked for employee compensation in June 2011. (Benefit news)