Top 3 Things New Professionals Need to Know in 2022

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Kirstia Cropper headshot.
Kirstia Cropper
Operations Manager
December 15, 2021

Are you a new professional entering the job market? It might seem intimidating right now in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but 2022 is expected to provide numerous new and exciting opportunities for first-time job-seekers and new professionals. With the unemployment rate lower than it’s been in decades, you’re more likely than ever to find gainful employment with a great Indianapolis business. And with the support of That’s Good HR in your job search, you’ll be starting your dream job in no time!

First-time job-seekers have an edge

The so-called “Great Resignation” caused by COVID-19 has created a higher rate of turnover and major labor shortages. That means that organizations are either having to offer high-quality hiring packages to experienced workers, or more likely, are choosing to hire new professionals without as much experience and then training them on the job. If you are willing to accept a slightly lower compensation than full-time experienced employees, first-time job seekers and freelancers have a great edge in the market. 

New professionals may even be able to find positions beyond just entry-level, with the added benefit of on-the-job training. According to research from the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, new hires over the last several months have overall had less education than their counterparts in previous years. Many new professionals did not have the ability or desire to obtain post-grad education, in part due to school shut-downs, so a number of employers are lowering job requirements and offering additional training once hired. 

Wages are growing, especially for new professionals

With the current market, new professionals may be taking a marginally lower compensation than experienced employees, but wage growth overall is continuing to increase. Especially since inflation isn’t slowing down, these raising prices and wage growth will continue to feed each other. The wage growth will be particularly beneficial for new hires, as well as workers in manual service industries. And if you’re still in the early stages of your career, but not a brand new hire, there’s good news for you too. Continuing inflation means higher cost-of-living raises, as well as pay raises to compete with the salary of new hires — and at a much faster rate than over the past decade. 

Job perks aren’t as important as company culture

As a new professional, it may be easy to get lured into a company with the promise of job perks like company happy hours, ping pong tables or free food. As you begin a career, work-life balance may not seem like as big of a deal. But a flexible work schedule now will lay the groundwork for better balance as you add to your personal responsibilities. 

Seek out an organization with a positive company culture by asking important questions during your hiring process. Find out how your future employer addresses employee burnout, and whether their employees feel that their mental wellness is valued. Ask how the company is working to create an environment where their employees can feel seen and heard. Don’t let shiny new perks overshadow a toxic company culture. 

When you’re ready to start your job search, we’d be proud to help place you in a great local job, in fields like HR, administrative, customer service, healthcare, and accounting. Check out our open jobs or submit your resume today so we can match your skills to applicable jobs with our employer partners.