Top 5 Stressors for Job Seekers in Indiana

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Greta Cline, CFO
Greta Cline
Partner, CFO/COO
May 26, 2022
Hoosiers across the state are seeking out new jobs. Whether you are part of “The Big Quit” and looking for something with more flexibility in the wake of the pandemic, or are just looking for the next step in your career, more people than ever are looking for jobs and contributing to a record low unemployment rate. However, the job search can be stressful too, so we’re exploring the top stressors for job seekers in Indiana — and how That’s Good HR can help you find a position that fits all of your needs!

Important statistics for job seekers

If you’re searching for a new job, you’re not alone. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) of Indiana, 44% of Hoosiers are actively looking for or keeping an eye on job boards to find something new. A majority at 62% of job seekers are looking to change industries completely, and 1 in 5 Hoosiers have recently changed jobs. 

This has put our state at just a 2.2% unemployment rate as of April 2022, well below the record-low national average unemployment rate of 3.6% (Indiana Department of Workforce Development). In fact, April was the sixth straight month that the Hoosier unemployment rate has been under 3%. While this is good news for many, there are still a number of stressors that job seekers are taking into consideration during their job search. 

1. Personal debt

Topping the list of stressors for job seekers in Indiana is personal debt. Maybe you were temporarily or permanently laid off during the early days of the pandemic and have been in debt ever since. Or did you take advantage of this wild real estate market and invest in a new home — and a bigger mortgage payment? No matter the reason for your personal debt, That’s Good HR can help you find a job that will pay you fairly. And if you take on a temporary or temp-to-hire position through our staffing specialists, you can earn not just a competitive hourly rate and holiday/vacation pay, you can also receive referral bonuses when you recommend your family and friends to us!

2. Flexible and remote options

Per the SHRM, the majority of Hoosiers (55%) are seeking out remote-only positions. Many of us got a taste of what a flexible or remote schedule can look like during quarantines in 2020, and for a number of employers there has been no looking back. But if you are still going into the office every day and looking for something more flexible, we will do our best to help you find something that fits your schedule. 

3. Medical leave

Next on the list of stressors for job seekers in Indiana is medical benefits and insurance. We partner with a number of local employer clients to match you with the best fit for your new job, and that includes finding the best options for important benefits like insurance and medical leave/sick days. And if you work in a temp-to-hire position through That’s Good HR, you can receive health insurance through our office during your assignment as well.

4. Mental health

Now more than ever, mental health is becoming a bigger focus in our culture, and we are starting to see employers include mental health and other wellness programs as benefits listed in their job postings. When you are filtering through job boards, take note of the employers that mention mental health, acknowledge job stress and how they combat it, etc. You can also make it a point to ask about mental health policies in your next job interview. Let us help you find an employer that is committed to taking mental wellness off your list of stressors!

5. Retirement

The final of the top 5 stressors for job seekers in Indiana is retirement. Although it can be easy for some employers (and some job seekers) to focus on the benefits that affect our here and now, building up a retirement fund is important to most of us. A recent survey actually indicated that the younger the generation, the younger they wish to retire, with Baby boomers (aged 57-75) planning to work until 68, Gen X (41-56) planning to retire at 60 and Millennials (25-40) planning for retirement at 59. The average age of retirement isn’t far off at 62, but a well-planned retirement strategy and benefits from your employer are necessary to retire on your terms. 

Let That’s Good HR help you find the right job with a local Indianapolis company that will help buffer the stressors on your list. Contact us today at 317-469-4141 or check out our current open positions to learn more.