Trail of Accomplishments

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February 5, 2010

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time assisting individuals with re-vamping their resumes.  A big section of the resume that is commonly overlooked by job seekers is the Accomplishments section.  Many people think that you are either bragging about yourself in that section or just adding "fluff" to your resume.  However, being a recruiter that tries to market candidates for Indianapolis job openings, it is much easier for me to "sell" you for a position if you have a clear trail of accomplishments. 

The Indianapolis Business Journal posted an article at the end of last year appropriately titled "Leave a Trail of Accomplishments, It’s Job Security You Can Carry With You."  The article has a lot of great content, but I was specifically drawn to the section of clearly outlining your accomplishments in your resume. 

I would recommend keeping a document that lists all of the accomplishments you have achieved in your career, including your volunteer activities.  That way when you are tailoring your resume for the Indianapolis job openings you are applying for, you can plug those in as appropriate.  As the article mentions, Indianapolis recruiters like myself are no longer just looking at who you worked for and for what length of time.  I want to know what you made, saved or achieved in your positions.  I want to know that you did more than just show up for your job everyday…you actually went in and had a "ripple effect" of sorts.

I definitely understand that it’s easy to let the moment pass and forget to document your successes.  But your lack of attention to that documentation now, will just lead to frustration and extra work in the future.  Central Indiana jobs are going to those that have consistently been "movers and shakers" throughout their career.  If you can add "meat" to all of your positions on your resume, as well as have a dedicated accomplishments section, you are going to stand out among others that held similar roles that simply outline their duties on their resume. 

At That’s Good HR we take time to work with each candidate in the Indianapolis job search to make sure they are putting their best foot forward.  I would urge you to check out our website to see the types of positions we typically work on and reach out to us if you feel we could assist you in your search.