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October 18, 2012

As many of you know by now, my husband is a Police Officer and has been for 28 years.  While on my way to work this week, I saw him pull over a vehicle which I was pretty certain had just run a red light.  When I pulled up to the roundabout, I had to stop at the intersection and watch what was transpiring in front of me.  He had his red and blue lights flashing but the car didn’t pull over right away and ended up driving to the next intersection, making a right turn and then pulling over on a two lane road.  Once I was convinced that the vehicle had actually stopped and wasn’t trying to run, I continued my drive to work.  I had to shake my head because I had observed this situation many times with him before.  Essentially what happened is that instead of the driver pulling over when he turned on his lights (which was on the four lane road), the driver continued until she found a place that SHE felt was better suited for him to get out of his vehicle.   I was also very aware of the earful that she was about to receive when he walked up to her vehicle and I am sure it went something like this, “When I turn on my lights, I expect you to pull over immediately.  I know the place that is the safest for us both to pull our cars over.”  Many people do exactly what she did.  They wait to pull over until they find a spot they fell is best rather than pulling over ASAP after seeing the flashing lights.    

This incident got me thinking, do I trust the experts in my personal life?  When I hire a painter and am having difficulties deciding between two colors, do I ask his opinion or try to figure it out on my own?  When my child is sick, do I call the doctor and talk to the nurse or do I try to figure it out on my own by searching symptoms on the internet?  

As it relates to That’s Good HR and Indianapolis careers, do I feel like my clients treat me as the expert in Indianapolis job openings?  I have to say that it makes me feel pretty good when a client asks me to name the candidate that I feel is the strongest for their opening.  I have had two clients in the last couple of days ask me my opinion on that very topic and it was such a great feeling!  I also appreciate when my client trusts me to handle the hiring process for their candidates.  So, as one of the “experts” in this field, considering my 12 years in staffing, what advice do I have for hiring managers today?  I have a couple of things to keep in mind but, first and foremost, I must stress that this is a candidate’s market!

  • Hiring managers need to move quickly when they have openings.  The best candidates are not on the market very long because they are getting positions quickly; several companies want this candidate!
  • As a result, we are sending our best candidates to multiple hiring managers and/or companies so that we can immediately get those A+ candidates placed. 
  • Since 2008, this year has been the most difficult in finding talented staff that aren’t working and ready to go to work tomorrow for a temporary position.   We want to fill our openings but we don’t want to sacrifice quality as this is the number #1 reason our clients say they use That’s Good HR.   

My goal is that each of the hiring managers I work with will trust me to be the expert in my field during this candidate’s market as I trust that you are in your field.  Please keep in mind that I can help you with temp, temp to hire and direct hire opportunities in the area of Finance/Accounting, HR, Customer Service and Administration.