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Unemployment Benefits and Accepting Work through Indianapolis Staffing Companies

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March 25, 2010

 Unemployment or Employment??????   

With the large number of people who have been downsized from Central Indiana jobs over the last 2 years, questions repeatedly come up about how unemployment works in regard to accepting short-term or part-time employment with Indianapolis Staffing companies.

To be eligible for unemployment, the state of Indiana requires you be unemployed through no fault of your own and that you are able, available and actively searching for work.

It’s important to broaden your horizons in a still-tight job market and a great way to do this is to apply for part-time, temporary or temporary-to-hire positions with Indianapolis Staffing companies. When you apply with an Indianapolis Staffing company, you are applying with one company who may be able to market you to many Central Indiana jobs. It’s a great way to explore what opportunities are out there and what is a good fit for you while building skills and experience. Prospective employers view this as a positive.

Accepting these positions does not jeopardize unemployment benefits. If you accept a part-time position while claiming full-time unemployment benefits each week, you still receive the difference in pay weekly. If you accept full time-work that is temporary, your benefits simply begin again at the end of your assignment not to mention extending your benefit period.

There is valuable information located at the IN Department of Workforce Development’s website, including a claimant handbook.