Up in the Air

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January 20, 2010
Up in the Air just won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay.  While Up in the Air is a great movie and highly recommended, it is especially relevant given the economic events of the last year.  While some of the trailers depict it as being a love story, it is really a social commentary about valuing meaningful relationships. 

George Clooney’s character, Ryan Bingham, is essentially a "Corporate Firer".  Companies hire Ryan to conduct mass lay offs of their employees.  Ryan’s life is void of relationships.  He lives out of a suitcase and one of his main goals in life is to join the 10 million mile club.  When a recent Ivy League grad threatens Ryan’s position by implementing a program to expedite the firing process via Skype, Ryan has to deal with the possibility of being grounded.

So what does the message in the movie Up in the Air have to do with Indianapolis staffing or Executive Recruiting?  I will tell you, one of the reasons I work for That’s Good HR is due to the company’s value of building personal relationships.  So many other Indianapolis recruiters conduct their business over the phone or via email and rarely meet their clients or candidates in person.  Guiding candidates through the job search process is a very personal and sensitive process.  Meeting with candidates and getting to know their work experience, job search criteria and personalities is critical and you can only scratch the surface of these issues absent a personal relationship.
Some staffing agencies may eventually resort to interviewing candidates via Skype, and we say, let them have their fancy technology and their time saving electronic and automated techniques.  More power to them.  Our clients and candidates, however,  can continue to trust That’s Good HR to value relationships and we will always want to get to know you personally before we help you do something as important as changing your job.