Watch How Fast I Can Run With This Stick…

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September 21, 2010
I know that my title triggers an immediate response from all of the parents out there and
memories from all of us as kids. Admit it, you are cringing a little bit because we all know it is not safe to run with a stick. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a parent yell "don’t run with that stick, you are going to poke an eye out!", I would be rich.

I, however, feel like I am already rich because when my son made this very declaration recently during a walk in the woods it brought some perspective for me that might take years of therapy for others to find. Here we were, having an awesome relaxing weekend at the farm, leisurely walking through the woods with the kids and what was I doing? Thinking about work. I was thinking about hiring trends and Indianapolis staffing. No lie.  I was carrying a metaphoric stick that was heavy to carry and it was keeping me from enjoying life in the moment. Not to say I don’t love thinking about central Indiana jobs and government jobs in Indianapolis, as these things are important to my work. However, that is what I dedicate myself to Monday-Friday. On the weekend, it is time to have a stick light enough to run with.

As I observed Nate in his "farm weekend" camouflage attire, topped off with the coon skin hat, running and ducking and hiding in the grass, pretending to be tracking his prey with his stick gun, I realized that I needed to lighten up a little. I had the urge to grab a stick and run with him- even if it was just metaphorically. So that is exactly what I did and when I came back to work on Monday, we had a project of enormous proportion come our way and I was able to give it 110%.

These are the moments that prepare us to face the week ahead. We are obligated to give it our all at work – that is why we are paid to be there. It is up to us to take the time to recharge our batteries so we can do our best. When I show up at work on Monday, I don’t want to feel like it is Wednesday because I spent the whole weekend worrying about work. I want to be enthusiastic and ready to go. I owe that to my employer. I think sometimes we forget that when we receive that paycheck, those benefits and the experience and training we get from our jobs, we owe our employers something in return. The value we receive from our employer deserves that value in our work product in return, at a minimum.

If you are currently engaged in an Indianapolis job search, keep this in mind as you are exploring your opportunities and choose the right opportunity for you that allows you to run with that stick and recharge your batteries and also provides you with a place to work where you want to give it your all.