What happens when you stop exercising?

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January 6, 2009




If you are anything like me and my family the Holidays didn’t start on Christmas Eve and end sometime around 1/1/09 after a day full of football. All over Indianapolis “The Holidays” have extended and start as soon as December arrives and mine officially ended last weekend with one final impromptu Christmas gathering and opening of the last few straggling gifts. What a great time of year to see all of your family and relax…right?     Well…along with those visits and relaxation comes all of the fabulous holiday food! So what happens when you decided to take a break over the month and stop your exercise plan and increase your mashed potato intake??   

Bad News:
I think you know the answer.  Tighter jeans, you suck in the tummy a bit and say, “I wish I would get back on schedule.”

Good News:
It can all go back to normal once you get back into the gym and find your way reluctantly back to the treadmill.  AND once you do that it is easier to do it twice and three times, etc.

Moral: Managing your career is a direct correlation and no matter the time of year you cannot stop exercising your network and career.

Just as your body cannot stay in top form if you exercise every other month. Your career will never reach its top form if you choose to consciously manage it only when you are actively seeking a new position. It is a never ending effort:

  1.  Read anything you can get your hands on as it relates to your    business space.
  2. Attend as many local events and seminars as you can stand!
  3. Find an active local professional group and volunteer your time. In my case, Central Indiana professionals in the Human Resources community attend or belong to the Human Resources Aassociation of Central Indiana.
  4. When someone is referred to you for help, respond immediately. All referrals are a direct reflects on your network and your habits.
  5. It’s your career, no one else is going to manage it for you!