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What NOT to do in an interview – Part II

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August 18, 2009
In my last post I discussed the "You Said What?!" article written by Writer Rachel Zupek. At the end I promised more of my witty tips in Part 2….so here we go!

DON’T come to an interview without prepared questions.  An employer is going to be able to recognize your genuine interest in the position based off of the questions that you ask.  Even if the interviewer has done an outstanding job of explaining the position, company, etc., it is still very important to come up with at least a couple of questions.  One easy way to come up with solid questions is to become familiar with the current events/trends in the company’s industry.  You are not only showing your interest in the position and company, but also proving that you do more than the average amount of research on the company.  What a great way to set yourself apart! 

DON’T be cocky!  The purpose of an interview is to sell your strengths to a prospective employer as a solution to their open need.  However, one bad "sales pitch" and your shot at landing the big deal could be over.  If you are not sure if you can discuss your knowledge, skills, and abilities confidently, try going through a mock interview.  It’s as easy as matching up with a fellow colleague in the job search and both of you playing the role of the interviewer, visiting your university’s career center, or contacting a local WorkOne office for assistance.  

DON’T embarass yourself!  Oftentimes, candidates think that they are "just being honest" with employers and can tend to get a little bit loose with their words.  If your answer to a question is a little questionable or could cause you or the interviewer to blush, just don’t say it.  Find a way to tactfully answer the question or divert the question until you can come up with a professional answer. 

But the most important piece of advice I can give is to review the list of responses on the "You Said What!?" article and make sure you don’t spit out an answer anything like those on the list!