What sunglasses and staffing have in common

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March 23, 2010
With That’s Good HR recently recognized as one of the 2010 Best of Staffing firms, customer service has been an even more dominant topic of conversation at this Indianapolis staffing firm. 

We always strive to provide outstanding customer service.  However, I think it can be easy to get removed from what is truly outstanding customer service when you are the provider.  I recently had an experience with awesome customer service which really made me step back and ask myself what I can be doing to differentiate myself from other executive headhunters. 

Last week, my dog chewed up a pair of sunglasses.  While chewing up ANY pair of sunglasses is bad enough, they weren’t even my sunglasses!  They belonged to a friend who was visiting our home.  The good news was that our dog just managed to chew up the temples of the glasses.  So I called the manufacturer, Maui Jim, to see how they could help me.  The customer service representative was so unbelievably helpful.  She was sympathetic to my issue (yes, I was honest and told her that my dog chewed up the sunglasses) and informed me that the temples could be replaced for free and the service would take less than a week.  I got off of the phone call and was literally smiling because this person made me feel so much better about the situation.

So what can That’s Good HR do to help you resolve your Indianapolis staffing issues and leave a smile on your face?