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When to use a headhunter

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December 15, 2008

 Hi!  My name is Kyle Phillip and I am a headhunter specialzing in Human Resources recruiting in Central Indiana.  I spent nearly 7 years of my career in corporate Human Resources positions with large Indianapolis employers.  I have been a third party recruiter for the past two years and I have a passion for business and helping employers build great teams!!

Question:  When does it make sense to build a relationship with a recruiting agency and headhunter that specializes in your field?

Answer: Any professional with a goal in mind of reaching their full potential in their career should ALWAYS have a relationship with a skilled third party recruiter.

Here’s why:

1.  An ethical recruiter is valuable to your career in many ways…not just finding a new position.
2.  My sole responsibility is to be on the phone and meet people in Indianapolis everyday.
3.  There are 20 + professionals at That’s Good HR doing the same thing…so we have amassed a tremendous amount of information and knowledge.
4.  We are not just recruiters AND career consultants, we have an enormous network at your disposal.  Call us and ask us for career advice and/or information about Indianapolis hiring trends!
5.  Our services are FREE to job seekers.

Think about it, you spend your life working toward your pinnacle.  You go to college (perhaps several times!), you hire an accountant, you hire a lawyer to protect your wealth.  Who is helping you with your career???

I look forward to meeting you and helping you find your next great job or add your next A player to your team!