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Working as a Temporary Employee AT That’s Good HR

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October 13, 2010
My name is Alayna Pabst and I have been working at That’s Good HR for a little over 2 years now. My general job description has changed several times; simply I am here to assist in any department where it is needed. So after 2 years I have been able to add a lot of experience and new responsibilities onto my resume: working as a front office administrator, answering the phones, assisting new candidates who are registering with the company, supporting the recruiters, working as an accounting clerk, assisting the CFO and Controller of That’s Good HR with daily accounting tasks, year-end file turnover, organizing, etc. I have been able to roll with the punches, so to say, and assist wherever I may be needed. I don’t have a specific job title, because my job changes constantly, which I believe helps to make me an invaluable asset to TGHR.

Not to quote Hair club for men but That’s Good HR is not only the owner of a staffing agency but it is also a client. At any one given time we may have 1 temporary employee or up 3 temps working at our office. We believe in hiring the right people to get the job done, no matter what. That’s Good HR is flexible with my schedule. Just like many of the temporary employees that are currently working for That’s Good HR. I gave TGHR my time restrictions and they were willing to work around it. I turn in a timecard every week before 5pm to ensure I get paid the following Friday. Which I have to say it pretty nice!

Working at TGHR has been a great networking tool for me. I am surrounded by several recruiters, who know the Indianapolis job market, who also know several of the area’s hiring managers. My advice to my fellow temporary employees? All I can say is do your best everyday and they will take good care of you. I am also able to empathize with my fellow temporary employees. Working as a temporary employee can be difficult, you never quite know where you fit but you know that the job you are doing is very important for the company that you work for. That is why you were hired, that is why the company contacted TGHR, and where they were looking for assets to join their team. The recruiters work very hard to make sure that our clients are pleased but also to make sure our temps are satisfied as well. The recruiters make it a point to know our temporary employees, to make sure they are supported and appreciated. Last month TGHR celebrated National Staffing Week, where we took a week to really appreciate all of our temporary employees

Working as a temporary employee, doesn’t mean I always feel like a "temp". I am a part of the team at That’s Good HR. I know that I help everyday to make TGHR a better workplace. I feel appreciated by my colleagues and they help to make me feel validated in my decision to be a temporary employee.