Working with Difficult Co-workers

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July 12, 2010

There are many personality types we deal with in Central Indiana jobs. While diversity in personalities is what makes the business world go around, there are certain people that create a toxic work environment for many of those in Indianapolis careers. According to Suzy Welch , there are five “species” of difficult co-workers:

·         Boss Haters: Most Boss Haters persist, using every kind of subterfuge from eye-rolling to outright belligerence, until management loses patience and ousts them.

·         Stars: Many key players are Stars largely because they are the best kind of employee, inclusive and inspiring, but some Stars can develop into real bullies, often ridiculing any idea that is not their own.

·         Sliders: former Stars, resting on their laurels and undermining their teams with apathy. Their unspoken excuse is "I’ve proven my worth around here; I don’t need to scramble anymore.", leaving their co-workers to pick up the slack while they get the glory

·         Pity Parties: The most expert Pity Parties concoct long-running sympathy stories: bad backs, bad marriages, bad childcare, and so on. I don’t want to sound harsh. Sometimes people really do need time off or special accommodations, but Pity Parties make an art form of wriggling out of responsibility, and you’re left wondering if you’re a heel for resenting them—or a dupe for helping them.

·         Self-Promoters: Self-Promoters occasionally sabotage peers in pursuit of fame and glory

I’m sure in reading these descriptions an image of a current or past co-worker popped into your head. But what if YOU are that toxic employee?

Those working in entry-level jobs in Indianapolis and administrative jobs in Indianapolis to those in managment positions, six figure jobs in Indianapolis and all those in Central Indiana jobs have weathered (and still are) a tumultuous economy where companies are doing massive downsizing, employees are asked to do twice as much work, there is constant concern about whether you are next on the downsizing list or whether your company is going to make it through the storm.

While this type of stress seems to bring out the worst in us, this is an opportunity to promote your Indianapolis career. Being that employee who takes a bad situation and continues to work positively and with a “whatever it takes” attitude are the employees that employers of Central Indiana jobs will value.

If you were a victim of the economy and downsized this positive approach is a plus to you in your Indianapolis job search. It not only gives you answers to those companies who have adapted the hiring trend of Behavioral Interviewing but will also give you positive references from your former employers.

Not sure how your personality is perceived by others? Take a quick quiz to find out or for fun, determine which character from Office Space you are!