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November 16, 2009

After being downsized from an Indianapolis staffing company after 17 years, I was forced to look at my career goals to determine what I wanted to do when I grew up.


After much soul-searching, networking, looking at job opportunities in Indianapolis and talking to individuals in other industries and job roles, I started my Indianapolis job search targeting HR jobs, specifically for an Indianapolis staffing company. 

While losing your job is one of the most devastating things to happen to you, it is an opportunity to look at what you really want to do. Examine the aspects of your job that you really like or dislike in addition to examining the same things about the company you worked for and the person you reported to. Also think about what is most important to you: growth opportunity, challenge, stability, pay range, driving distance to your home. List your priorities in order of importance to help you target specific jobs, industries or companies. Your priorities are also important to communicate to prospective employers.


A great way to explore new jobs, companies or industries is to work for an Indianapolis staffing company. This is a great way to “try out” new opportunities or to get your foot in the door with a company you have been targeting!


If you need suggestions in finding your new career (or just some comic relief), A Careerbuilder survey listed the most unusual jobs from A-Z. Enjoy!:

A – Actor for haunted house
B – Bingo announcer
C – Clown for rodeos
D – Drawbridge tender
E – Eye glass buffer
F – Fingerprint analyzer           
G – Glass sculptor
H – Hot rod builder
I – Interpreter for government agency
J – Jelly doughnut filler
K – Karate instructor
L – Lifeguard at nude beach
M – Military role player (played Iraqi citizen for military sensitivity training)
N – Note taker for college students
O – Ocean scuba guide
P – Phone psychic
Q – Quiz writer for competitions
R – Rescue squad for pets
S – Stand-in bridesmaid (for weddings where the bride didn’t know enough people)
T – Telemarketer for a cemetery
U – Urinalysis observer
V – Voice-over specialist for movies
W – Window washer for skyscrapers
X – X-mas tree decorator
Y – Youth boot camp instructor for juvenile offenders
Z – Zoo artificial inseminator