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Matching the right candidates to your job openings is our specialty.

The match matters.

Our hassle-free hiring process

From job posting strategy, recruitment, resume screenings, and interviews, we’re your personal hiring consultant.

  1. We get to know you.

    Who said business isn’t personal?

  2. We search for applicants.

    We dive deep into our pool of ready-to-go talent.

  3. We pick the best of the best.

    We introduce you only to your *top* matches.

  4. We listen to your feedback.

    Get your selected candidate hired—fast!

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We get to know your specific job recruitment needs.

Our team asks questions like:

  • What are your business goals, culture, and staffing needs?
  • What type of person would best fit this role?
  • Which skills, education, or experience would be most valuable?

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We seek and find qualified candidates.

Our recruitment team digs deep into:

  • Online and social media networks
  • Targeted active and passive recruitment strategies
  • Networking events, referrals, and job boards

Free Download: FAQ’s for Employers

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We whittle down candidates and introduce you to the best of the best.

No worries. We do the heavy lifting for you:

  • Sifting through resumes
  • Contacting potential candidates
  • Setting up and conducting interviews

Ebook: Hiring & Benefits Package Guide

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You make the selection.
We get them onboarded.

With us, you’re never alone in the hiring process.

  • Help choosing the best candidate for your role
  • Payroll, vacation, and other benefits are on us
  • Honest feedback to retain and recruit talent

Free Download: Outside-the-Box Employee Retention Strategies

Placement Specialties

We’ve placed thousands of candidates in a variety of positions since 2000. Find your perfect fit in one of our areas of expertise.

  • Briefcase icon.
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Executive Administrative Assistant
    • Clerical
    • Office Assistant
    • Receptionist
    • Account Vendor Management
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Entry
    • File Clerk
    • Front Office Clerk
    • Mail Clerk
    • Office Manager
    • Project Coordinator
    • Project Manager
    • Quality Assurance
    • Quality Control
    • Sales Assistant
    • Medical Customer Service
    • Excel Analyst
    • Facilities Coordinator
    • Compliance Assistant
    • Property Tax Assistant
    • Marketing Operations
    • Operations Support
  • First Aid icon.
    • Medical Customer Service 
    • Medical Accounts Receivable
    • Medical Billing
    • Medical Claims
    • Medical Insurance Verification
    • Medical Credentialing
    • Medical Front Desk
    • Medical Cash Posting
    • Medical Charge Audit
  • Coin icon.
    • Accountant – Staff/Tax
    • Accounting Clerk
    • Accounts Payable Clerk
    • Accounts Receivable Clerk
    • Billing Clerk
    • Staff Accountant
    • Payroll Analyst
    • Payroll Clerk
    • Payroll Manager
    • Payroll Audi
    • Analyst
    • Bookkeeper
    • Cash Applications
    • Commercial Collections
    • Compliance Analyst
    • Implementation Analyst
    • Purchasing Clerk
    • Pricing Analyst
    • Recon Specialist
    • Medical Accounts Receivable
    • Medical Billing
    • Medical Claims
  • Person head icon.
    • HRIS
    • HR Assistant
    • HR Benefits Administrator
    • HR Coordinator
    • HR Generalist
    • HR Manager
    • HR Organizational Development
    • HR Recruiter
    • HR Specialist
    • HR Director
  • Headset icon.
    • Customer Account Representative
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Call Center Manager
    • Customer Sucess Representative
    • Customer Support Representative
    • Customer Success Manager

Peace of mind staffing solutions

Look, we get it. Handing over something as important as your hiring needs is kind of a big deal.

But when you join forces with TGHR, you get a whole lot of bang for your buck.

  • Check circle icon.

    Save money on overhead costs

  • Check circle icon.

    Get exclusive access to our talent networks

  • Check circle icon.

    Save time on onboarding—have more time for training

  • Check circle icon.

    “Try before you buy” with temp-to-hire

  • Check circle icon.

    Fill positions more quickly and efficiently

  • Check circle icon.

    Increase retention and reduce turnover rate

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