Onboarding and Puppy Tales

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December 1, 2009
My husband and I have become "new parents" again after a 7 year break from the baby business.  This time, however, our new addition has 4 legs and lots of fur and I did not have to gain 40 lbs to get her here.  Meet Rose, our new "time and attention thief" and our built in "responsiblity trainer" for our young sons.  Of course, this experience has me making natural comparisons to work and leadership, hiring trends and Indianapolis staffing. 

Rose our Labrador Retriever
The most obvious comparison I can make is that I had forgotten how much work it takes to have a new member of the family, particularly one who is small, young and limited in life experiences.  How, you ask, can you possibly draw a comparison between that and Indianapolis job openings?  Well, stick with me here, as the economy slowly improves, hiring trends are on the upswing and you begin to think about adding on those much needed employees to keep up. 

Adding new staff members is much the same as adding a member, like Rose, to your family, particularly if you view your company team members as part of your exteded family.  They require focused attention and guidance while they navigate the waters of their new environment.  You must shift your paradigm to see the world through their eyes and to adjust your compassion level to understand what new employees must be going through.  This can be the key difference to their success or failure or can have a significant impact on how quickly they become productive contributors to the overall success of your company.

Sometimes your new employee is new not just to your company, but also new to the workforce and their job search brought them to you.  This situation requires one approach with focused attention that takes their lack of experience overall into consideration.  More than anything, it requires your patience and understanding that what is old hat to you, is all new to them.

Other times, your new employee comes with years of experience in the workforce and in working in various environments.  Don’t short change this employee, as you might be surprised to know that experienced workers have a heightened sensitivity to change, particularly if they worked at a previous company for a long period of time.  (You know, old dog, new tricks…can be tricky but very valuable if handled appropriately).

Here are 15 tips on Welcoming your new employees, from a blog post I recently reviewed on this subject. At That’s Good HR, our specialty is helping you to add productive staff to your team in all areas of Indianapolis staffing and recruiting.  This makes us a great resource for new employee onboarding tips as well, so give us a call if you find yourself up all night worrying about your new team member!