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5 Reasons Why You Need to Partner with a Staffing Agency

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5 Reasons Why You Need to Partner With a Staffing Agency
Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
November 3, 2023

What’s so great about a staffing agency like That’s Good HR? Let’s count the ways. In today’s difficult job market, employers struggle to find the candidate who meets their criteria. Candidates struggle to find the job that fits their needs. It is a challenging task that we at That’s Good HR have a passion for.  We love connecting great candidates with reputable Indianapolis area companies!

As we approach the end of 2023, companies like yours need a full staff to handle additional year-end tasks. That’s why now is a perfect time to call out the benefits of partnering with That’s Good HR. Think about the behind-the-scenes tasks that must take place when a job is listed.  Someone must craft the job description and decide what qualities are essential. Someone else must sift through the candidates, who are representing themselves through resumes and completed applications. Then there’s the interview process and the follow-up actions that may be made to ensure that the right professional match comes through.

Add in additional challenges like confidential job searches and tight deadlines, and it’s easy to see why the job search process can be stressful for all involved parties. Fortunately, That’s Good HR is your essential staffing partner, helping both candidates and companies find each other in today’s challenging hiring market.  Check out these 5 benefits to partnering with a staffing agency like That’s Good HR:

1. A staffing agency like That’s Good HR can expedite the hiring and staffing process

Some companies don’t have a separate HR department to handle duties like job listings and interviews. When someone leaves during a busy period of the work calendar, company leadership may have to choose between focusing on the job search or asking the staff to take on the extra duties, which is rarely a long-term solution.

That’s Good HR starts the candidate search as soon as someone calls us with a job opening. We strive to provide interviewed, pre-qualified candidates within 24-48 hours. That means we have discussed your opening with the candidate, and they are interested in the position. If we are going to miss that goal, we meet to assemble the why and then discuss what changes might need to be made to attract talent. Every day you try to operate with an open position is one where the work might not be done. Having a staffing agency partner means companies and employees can start thriving together as soon as possible.

2. We maintain a database of potential job candidates

That’s Good HR has more than 23 years of hiring experience in the Indianapolis area. Consequently, we have established relationships with reliable, professional job seekers. When an employer reaches out with an opening, we reach out to qualified candidates who have worked with us in the past. We also have a constantly growing list of potential candidates who reach out via our website every day. And, we invest thousands of hours with our trained recruiters who recruit and interview candidates from a variety of network sources. We do our homework on both the employer and the potential employee. This gives both parties an inside edge in the hiring process.

3. A staffing agency may know of jobs – and candidates – that you won’t see listed elsewhere

Occasionally, a company may need to perform a confidential job search. Maybe a current employee plans to leave, but the company doesn’t want that information to be public yet. Or maybe they are looking to replace an employee, and they don’t want that employee to see their job listed on an online job board. That’s Good HR can step in and facilitate the confidential interview and hiring process. We can list the job. We can use our facilities for the interview process. This ensures that the job is filled when it’s time for the current employee to move on.

4. We maintain relationships with pivotal companies and candidates

You’ve probably heard the phrase that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. When companies or job seekers partner with That’s Good HR, they are plugging into a network of players who can create magic when they work together. Occasionally an employer may call us with an urgent need to fill an open position. Our recruiters already understand what type of person works well in that company’s environment. We can recall certain candidates who possess those skills and personalities and see if they’re in the market for something new. We really are professional matchmakers in that regard.

5. We offer feedback after the interview or initial hiring phase

A job search can be challenging for both the job seeker and the employer. It can sometimes feel like you’ve been searching for weeks or months without getting an offer. Or it can be frustrating to hire someone only to discover that they’re not a good fit. That’s Good HR can often provide insights you don’t get when you’re navigating the hiring process on your own. If a company is struggling to land a candidate, That’s Good HR can query candidates after the interviews to find out valuable feedback from a candidate’s perspective. They can also gather feedback for job seekers who may wonder why they can’t seem to secure an offer, so the candidate can make the necessary changes to become more marketable. We’ll stick around after the initial hiring process, to handle any onboarding or communication challenges.

At That’s Good HR, we believe in going beyond what you can expect from a staffing agency. In fact, a review of our recent employer feedback forms indicated that 83% believed That’s Good HR’s processes for submitting resumes, scheduling interviews and communication are better than the competition. We’re especially proud to say that 100% responded that they would refer That’s Good HR to others.

Staffing agencies like That’s Good HR are essential job partners in the hiring process. Whether you’re a job seeker who is open to new professional challenges or an employer who needs to fill an opening quickly. You can trust That’s Good HR to be your hiring specialist.

Employees: Send us your resume at https://thatsgoodhr.com/job-seekers/

Employers: Contact us at https://thatsgoodhr.com/employers/ to discuss open positions you need to fill now.