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5 Steps to Finding a Job You Love With That’s Good HR

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Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
February 26, 2024

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” During this month of love, That’s Good HR has five tips for finding a job you can love. Granted, you’ll still have to work – most people aren’t going to win the lottery or inherit a fortune from a previously unknown rich uncle. But if you do a little groundwork now, you can enjoy a job that’s fun, rewarding, and maybe even something you can love.

Landing a job you love can pay you back in more than just a salary and benefits. People who enjoy their jobs are more likely to be optimistic, motivated, faster learners and better decision makers. And while we all love our days off, Monday mornings are a lot easier when you’re going to do something you enjoy. If you don’t love your job, read on to find out how you can make a change. Remember, That’s Good HR specializes in matching people with jobs that fit their personalities and skill sets. Why not take a chance on loving your job?

Identify your passions

If you’re looking for a job you love, start by understanding what sparks excitement at work. Are you a numbers person who may be drawn to the field of accounting and finances? Or, are you a people person who may thrive in the HR world? Be brave with some of the hard questions. If you’re drawn to a profession that requires additional education, consider whether you’re at a point where you can take that leap. Some career changes don’t require another degree, however. At That’s Good HR, we’ve found that many temporary jobs are a great opportunity to learn new skills.

Love the salary potential – but don’t let it control your decision

Job seekers should always do their homework when it comes to salary ranges. You are the only one who really can decide how much money you need to meet your financial obligations. However, we caution people from focusing on a number and recommend looking at the overall picture. What other aspects of a job are important? Do you need a flexible schedule? Is there room for growth and promotion? A generous salary is nice, but if the job is a bad match, you may decide the extra dollars aren’t worth the increased stress.

Seek advice from other people

Sometimes it helps to get outside ourselves, especially when we’re thinking about career opportunities. Do you have a mentor or a colleague you trust to give you honest feedback? Ask others what they consider to be your greatest strengths and weaknesses. You may think you talk a lot, but they may see an emerging leader.

Find out what other people love about their own jobs

If you’ve been stuck in an unfulfilling job, you may not realize there are happy working people in this world. Talk to those people who seem content at work. Harness the power of networking. If you know someone who knows someone who works in a field that seems interesting, ask for an introduction. Join local professional organizations. Find out when your local college alumni club meets, and get to know other people. Every time you expand your networking circle, you’re increasing potential leads for your next career move.

Partner with That’s Good HR to find a job you love

At That’s Good HR, we believe matching the right person to the right job is our sweet spot. We’re more than just a staffing firm. We put people first. When you submit a resume or apply for a job on our job board, one of our trained recruiters will check it out. If you seem like a potentially good fit for one of our openings, we’ll respond to continue the conversation. At That’s Good HR, we invest the time to know our job candidates, as well as our employer clients, so we can identify successful professional matches. It’s not just about staffing. It’s about finding the right people for the best job opportunities within Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

Don’t settle for a job you don’t love. Submit your resume now to That’s Good HR and find a job that fits your passions and skills.