5 Tech Must-Haves for Recruiting in 2017

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Amber Crosby
January 16, 2017
Today’s digital world has changed the landscape of job recruitment forever. Business News Daily writer Nicole Fallon Taylor highlights just some of the ways the digital shift has impacted recruiting—such as swapping out paper resumes, walk-in applications, and newspaper ads for an all-digital job searching, application, and hiring experience. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Successful companies looking to hire top talent must leverage new digital strategies to find and attract new candidates to their businesses. Don’t get lost in the dust–stay current in the competitive job market with these five tech tactics for recruiting your next hire.

1. Social Media for Passive Recruitment

A recent Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey says 84% of companies are using social media to search for passive candidates—those not actively seeking employment. That’s a nearly 30% increase from 2011, a clear sign social media has become a hot tool to find and woo candidates. Using social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to find talented individuals allows companies to gather information on work experience, education, organizational affiliations, and social characteristics on prospects. It’s especially useful for filling specialized or niche positions where companies can focus in on individuals possessing very specific or hard-to-find qualities or backgrounds. Companies are also using social media to advertise openings to select audiences. Businesses can handpick specific prospect groups to target and create very tailored, enticing messages in the ads. Users who click through the ads can be sent to custom landing pages to find more information.

2. Mobile-Friendly (now a non-negotiable)

Today’s job seekers are digitally-savvy and very likely using mobile devices instead of a desktop computer to hunt for jobs. This shift in technology use demands that businesses change the way they recruit to stay competitive. According to SHRM, two-thirds of businesses are responding by pursuing mobile-friendly platforms. Websites, job postings, and even the application process should be accessible (and user-friendly) from a smartphone. Check out our new and improved job postings as an example.

3. Job Boards

Even with today’s focus on social media, job boards—like, LinkedIn, and—still play an important role in recruiting job seekers. Job boards make it easy to post career openings and many allow candidates to upload resumes into a searchable database.

4. Updated Website

The world moves fast—especially in business. Just like the latest computer or smartphone becomes old news quickly, a company’s website can become stale after a few short years. Today’s job seekers “shop” for companies online like they shop for material goods, so it’s critical to put your best foot forward online. Updated website design, savvy photography of your team and space, and digestible content will attract job candidates and invite them into the culture of your company. List job openings directly on your site, and make it possible for talented individuals to submit their resume easily, even if there’s not an open position for them.

5. Easy Application Process

Posting jobs on your website is a great way to advertise openings. But don’t lose out on hiring the right person due to an outdated, confusing, or complicated application process. Job seekers appreciate an easy, online experience that takes little to no time. If they get bored, confused, or frustrated, you’re likely to lose them quickly to a competitor. It’s also critical that someone on your team is monitoring any application submissions or communications from potential employees daily. Don’t let your next rockstar employee slip through the cracks by missing or delaying a response to their inquiry.

The truth is job recruitment will always be one of the biggest challenges in business. Finding top talent in a sea of social media and job board applicants can be tough, requiring lots of time and effort. If you’re discouraged or ready for a hand, let us help. We’re experts at finding skilled and talented people for jobs that fit them well. Want to learn more? Reach out to our experienced team members, Mary Springer ( or Tiffany Moore (, or call us at 317.469.4141.