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How to Avoid Hiring Headaches

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June 11, 2016

Hiring can make or break your business, and the task of securing the perfect candidate can be daunting. Crafting the perfect job description, rifling through load of resumes, and scheduling and conducting interviews all cost significant time and resources, affecting your bottom line. And the higher the position, the more there is at stake.

To avoid the headaches that come with the hiring process, keep in mind these three things:

  1. Know and communicate the position well. It’s essential to have a firm handle on what the open position entails. If you give candidates an unclear or inaccurate job description, you might end up with an ill-suited employee and will most certainly lose trust. Candidates absolutely have to know what they’re in for. It’s far better to overdo a job description than to leave gaps or errors. 
  2. Make sure your hiring resources are in place. Hiring takes time–lots of it. Make sure before you embark on a hiring process that you have the time and people in place to get it done well. A half-hearted attempt at hiring will only cost you money in the long run. You need insightful, intuitive, and trustworthy people to head up a search, and they need ample time to get it done well. For this reason, companies often outsource the hiring process to staffing firms like us. 
  3. Test candidates. We don’t mean background checks and skills assessment tests—staffing specialists like us can handle that. Consider asking candidates to complete an exercise relevant to the open position. Writers might have to craft some sample copy or developers may need to write some code, for example. These types of exercises can quickly separate the winners from the losers.

Hiring the right employees out of the gate matters. It can keep your turnover rate low and your production rate high—but it’s much easier said than done. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s Good HR is here to answer.