Career management in the streets of Indianapolis

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August 19, 2009
Welcome to my blog!  This is Harry Danz and I am the founding partner of That’s Good HR, Inc, an Indianapolis based staffing/recruiting firm which was started in 1998. I am a former accountant by education and training and spent my "early" years in one of the large national public accounting firms.  Early on I decided I was a "misfit accountant" who loved numbers and business but needed to be out in front "selling" versus sitting behind the desk "doing".  Next thing you know I am an "executive recruiter" in a national search firm advising accounting and finance professionals many years my senior on career management and job search.  I also found myself working with employers on finding, screening and selecting talent and trying to help them figure out how to keep my competitors from stealing the talent that I had placed with them.  

Any of you that might know me, know I am extremely passionate and opinionated about the Indianapolis staffing and recruiting marketplace and the challenges employers and candidates have in this "big" small market.  My goal in my blog is to share what I see everyday in the streets of Indianapolis and the challenges candidates and employers have in following the old, broken models of the hiring process and looking for a job.  Some of my advice and content will seem obvious but I am certain that often you will find a thought provoking idea that might challenge how you think about managing your own career or hiring your next superstar. 

Off to work we go . . . . . . . . .