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Competing for Top Job Candidates

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December 6, 2012

No matter how competitive the Indianapolis job market is today, employers will always have some level of competition for acquiring top candidates.  A company must understand how to attract the best candidates for its position from among a smaller pool of applicants, as well as how to ensure that the hiring process and candidate strategy results in a successful hire.

Here are some strategies from our Indianapolis executive recruiters for effectively competing for job candidates:

  1. Start internally: Make sure your job satisfaction is high and your employee turnover ratio is low, and clear up any outstanding issues with team members or with former candidates. Create an attractive work environment for potential job-seekers to reflect your commitment to the new position. This will present your company in a positive light for prospective candidates.
  2. Build a strong brand: Generating positive media coverage for your company will help create more visibility in the marketplace. Having an updated website with a press room, marketing materials, a blog as well as active social media sites will give a positive impression to the searching candidate. Advertising in relevant local or trade media might be an option for your company too, depending on the type of candidates you need.
  3. Position your company effectively: If your company cannot compete with others that are much larger or better known, use this to your advantage by presenting your company’s advantages, such as the position’s responsibility, company culture, flexible work environment, benefits, community involvement, innovativeness, or leadership and advancement opportunities.
  4. Focus on the candidate experience: There’s nothing like a good first impression. Top candidates will be looking for positive signs that the job is a good fit for them during the interview process. The company or recruiter must build rapport with the candidate from the beginning and ask the right questions to determine whether the person is a right fit for the job, and assess the candidate’s motivation to take the position.
  5. Act quickly: The best job candidates don’t take long to decide on a new position. If you are a smaller company, you might be able to act on a candidate much quicker than a larger one with a more involved hiring process. Either way, work nimbly to keep your hiring process moving along so that you don’t lose any opportunities.
  6. Have a strong referral network: When top performers are ready to make a move, they will often put feelers in the marketplace among their close inner circle of friends, former co-workers or recruiters they trust. Make sure your network includes a few, quality recruiters so that the passive job candidate will consider your company before going into the active search phase. Staffing agencies can also help you screen and interview candidates, present the company in an objective, positive light, help you negotiate more effectively, and keep the search process moving forward.

With some of these strategies in place, your company will no longer be talking about “the one who got away.” That’s Good HR would be happy to assist your firm in attracting and hiring the best talent for your executive, accounting or other jobs, as well as streamlining your recruiting procedure to make sure you have your pick of the top candidates.