Fitness in the Workplace

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October 29, 2009
As I was pondering about what to write today I thought I would change it up a bit from the normal Indianapolis Staffing information or hiring trends that I typically discuss.

I just got out of our weekly Pilates class that we host on site at That’s Good HR, Inc. and it inspired me to talk about "Fitness in the Workplace". Back in June, I made the decision to do something different for my employees. It has been a very trying year for the economy and  staffing industry in general and for That’s Good HR as well. There are more demands put on the people who still are fortunate to have jobs because corporations have cut to the bone but the workload is just as heavy and existing employees are absorbing the work.

We are lucky to have Amy Peddycord, owner of Invoke Studio, come in every Tuesday at 12:00 for a "lunch hour" pilates mat class. It has been such a great investment and I could not have anticipated the ROI. We all look forward to the class each Tuesday as both a body and a team building experience.  I am sure some people dread it from time to time as most do with intense physical exercise, but it has been a great bonding experience and everyone shows up if they are available. We also have a couple of employees who have lost a few inches through investing in the pilates which is a great feeling.

I would encourage any business owner or manager to look into some type of fitness program for their employees and support it because it has great rewards. I read an article that highlights "10 Reasons to Encourage Fitness in the Workplace."  It has been interesting to see how the immediate effect might appear to be improved physical strength, but that translates to renewed energy on the job and stronger internal relationships as we support each other through our participation and mutual physical and mental growth.  So, next time the Indianapolis job market or the current hiring trends get you down, roll out the mat, grab a buddy and focus on your core!