Giving Thanks

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November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The amazing food that I eat for 4 days straight certainly helps with making it a top holiday in my book. I also enjoy a day with the family that is not about gifts but more about being grateful and giving thanks for all the blessings I have in my life. You are probably wondering how is this going to tie into staffing, well….

Last Thursday, I received an email I was not expecting. It was a candidate that sent me an email to let me know how thankful  she was to work with That’s Good HR, Inc. and specifically, one of my recruiters, Amber Crosby.

In the Indianapolis Staffing world, typically you hear more about the bad things that happen and not  as much of the good. Our industry is, in it’s simplest form, helping people with their Indianapolis job search by matching them with client customers who have current needs.  This service is delivered at no cost to the employee. Of course, we cannot help every candidate that comes through our doors but we hope that each of our interactions results in something useful in the job search, even if it is a tip about hiring trends in the Indianapolis Job market.

I want to take a minute during this Thanksgiving week to thank Amber Crosby for helping a candidate get a job and with the candidate’s permission I am going to share some of her email that she sent to us…..

"I wanted to reach out to you regarding your employee Amber Crosby.  I met with Amber on Monday the 16th.  I had applied for an open position with your company.  Amber was wonderful!  She listed to what I was looking for and what job function I felt I was best suited for.  When Amber called me with any open position, she always had all the information regarding the company, job location, job description and pay.  Amber submitted me for a position and I went and interviewed with them this morning.  The company, location and pay were all a perfect fit.  I was offered the position on the spot!

I want to tell you that Amber is a valuable asset to your company.  She did not submit me to any jobs that I was not a fit for and she listened and worked with me.  I have been working with a recruiter from another company.  This recruiter would call me and ask me if I was interested in a position but would not tell me the company, location or pay.  This recruiter was submitting my resume for positions I was not even qualified for.  This recruiter then called and asked me to lie on my resume to list skills that I did not have and experience with software I have never even heard of.  I told this recruiter that I would not lie on my resume and she said "that is the only way I can get you into a company".

I told Amber about this and asked Amber if she wanted me to alter my resume in any way.  Amber said absolutely not. She did not want me to lie on my resume and said we don’t do business that way.
Thank you for being an upfront honest company.  A company that listens to the needs of the candidate and does not try to push them into a job just so you can make money.  I have had a great experience with That’s Good HR and would highly recommend your company to any potential candidate or employee."

The staffing industry is a competitive, "dog eat dog" industry. When you are working so closely with human capital as your resource you have to be able to manage your relationships with dignity and respect and as we all know, you cannot please everyone all of the time, as much as we would like to.  When you receive a nice email like the one above it makes all the effort you put forth to please as many as possible well worth it.  So, to those we impact with a positive experience who take the time to thank us, we thank you!