Hiring Trends and Top Advice from a Recruiting Firm

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January 24, 2013


In previous blog posts, we have discussed the latest hiring trends, as well as tips for hiring managers and candidates to navigate the search process successfully. To expand upon this topic, we’ve asked some members of our recruiting team to respond with their recent impressions of the Indianapolis job market, as well as to give some crucial advice to clients and candidates. Here were their responses:


Q.  What overall hiring trends are you seeing so far this year, and what skill sets are in top demand?


A. We are seeing continued need overall for our services in 2013, but particularly in the areas of customer service/call center, human resources and accounting roles. Many businesses are also seeking to recruit for temp-to-hire (try before they buy) positions.


Q. The market has also indicated an increase in the use of job search / recruiting firms such as That’s Good HR. Why do you think customers are seeking the services of a search firm for finding quality job candidates?


A. One main reason is the time factor – hiring managers just don’t have time to sift through 300 resumes! Or the company may have voids in their current team because of growth or turnover, maternity leave, or medical leave, and need a quick fix. We have also seen some additions to staff. 


Q. What is some advice you'd give employers? 


A. We would say they need to keep the process moving and to make decisions quicker when it comes to responding to resumes and hiring, as candidates are accepting jobs offers much quicker these days.


Q. What common mistakes can candidates avoid during the job search?


A.  Candidates should avoid unusual body modifications (hair, piercings or tattoos) that might make them stand out. Make sure job seekers have no errors at all on their resumes. They should also set up an acceptable and professional voice mail message and email address for responding to job inquiries.


Q. What topic do you think your clients/candidates need to learn more about?


A. We feel the main thing that people need to continue to learn and understand is social media for both employers and candidates – in terms of how to maneuver and take advantage of all that it has to offer for the job/candidate search.