Jack Be Nimble: React Fast with Temp Employees

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July 24, 2015

Jack be nimble, jack be quick …

We might not be talking candlesticks here, but there is something to be said about being on top of things, being adaptable and ready for a shift in the winds. It’s not just smart to be prepared for change in the business world—today’s economy demands it. Whether we are talking about industry shifts, economic ups and downs, employment law changes, or workforce preferences, today’s employer has to be ready to respond to change on a dime. Are you?

Partnering with a staffing firm is a smart move in today’s fluctuating business world. We can help you respond to change quickly and carefully. Here are just a few areas where we can jump in and assist:

  1. Navigating compliance.
    The C word–compliance. It’s nobody’s favorite thing. With ever-changing employment laws and healthcare regulations, compliance can scare even the toughest employer. When you partner with us, we take on a large part of that burden, handling much of the hiring, benefits, and other potentially hairy areas for you.
  2. Understanding today’s employee.
    There’s no doubt it’s an employees’ market out there. And the traditional employee looking for a long-term career isn’t necessarily the norm any more. We understand where potential employees are coming from and know the art behind successful employer-employee matches.
  3. Riding the ebbs & flows.
    Maybe you’ve recovered from the recession, but are wary of the future. Hiring temporary employees can help you build a just-in-time workforce, and be ready to respond quickly to change.

Not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve partnered with us before and it’s just time to reevaluate your employee pool. Either way, we recommend coffee with us. Let’s sit down and talk about how That’s Good HR might be able to help you navigate today’s employment climate. We’re not here to pressure you into anything. We’ll give you honest feedback about how we might partner together best…or how we might not. Reach out today.