Keep Checks Coming with These Payroll Tips

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October 9, 2015
Is payday your favorite day? I know it’s one of mine! Once you’ve been placed by That’s Good HR, what can you do to ensure regular, reliable paychecks start rolling in? Follow these tips and you’ll be golden.

Direct deposit
The quickest, most convenient method of payment is direct deposit. Your paycheck is safely and automatically deposited into your checking or savings account. And the best part? It’s free!

  • To get started, complete our authorization agreement for direct deposit form.
  • We need a voided check for each account into which you want your pay deposited. For example, you may want most of your pay to go into your checking account and a smaller amount into savings.
  • Fax your completed form and a copy of voided check(s) to 317.469.4140 as soon as possible.

If you live near our office, you can also drop them off in person. If you don’t complete our direct deposit process, we’ll mail your check to your home address on Thursdays.

Our payroll week is from Saturday to Friday. Be sure to record every hour you work and submit all hours by 5 p.m. each Friday.

  • You will get an email with a username, password, and instructions about completing your timesheet when you receive your first TGHR placement.
  • Your job site supervisor and a TGHR representative will approve any overtime hours. All overtime is paid according to state and federal law.

Paystubs and W2 statements
We use Paylocity to provide you with 24/7/365 access to your payroll information.

  • You must register for Paylocity to receive your year-end W2 and paystubs.
  • Get started with these step-by-step instructions. Print a hard copy for your reference.
  • Once logged into your Paylocity account, there is a “Self-Service User Guide” located under “Home & News” for you to review.
  • If you don’t have Internet access, we’ll help you get started at our office.

Keep your contact information current

It’s important that we have your current home address, phone number(s), and email address on file. If your contact info changes, let us know right away.

Be sure to bookmark thatsgoodhr.com/resources. You’ll find other important benefit resources listed here, including new assignment openings.

We’re here to make sure you get paid on time every time!