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Repackage Skills, Plus Upskill for New Career Opportunities

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Hannah Replogle
September 22, 2022
Looking at your career goals and feeling stuck? Did you know you can repackage skills from previous work experiences for new opportunities with in-demand industries and/or work to upskill within a current position or placement? It just takes five simple things. Ready to redesign what work might look like for you and make yourself even more hirable? Let’s dive in.

Five simple ways to repackage skills 

  1. Be aware and open to opportunities
  2. Be open to change
  3. Be a lifelong learner and embrace self-directed learning
  4. Listen and observe
  5. Be intentional about your career goals

Because of the “Big Quit,” many organizations have become more interested in hiring candidates with nontraditional backgrounds and skills that transfer easily. Although experts have observed that the economy may be starting to level out, there are still a large number of companies hiring for vacated roles and newly created positions. With a talent shortage still plaguing many industries, it could be an ideal time to make the shift to a new field of interest by repackaging your skills or upskilling. 

Transferable skills vs. upskilling

A transferable (or portable) skill is an ability or expertise which may be used in a variety of roles or occupations. It easily shines from one job to the next, or one industry to another. Upskilling is a practice where employers teach their employees new and additional skills to benefit the company, also making employees more marketable. As Forbes Coaches Council Member Tracy Levine recommends, “The question in 2022 is less about “the job market” and more about targeting high job growth areas. My advice is to develop skills for the new growth areas with talent shortages.”

Upskilling vs. reskilling

Another similar term you may have heard is reskilling. The difference between the two is that upskilling is the process of a candidate becoming more knowledgeable and developing new skills to support their current position or career path, and reskilling is learning skills necessary to move into a new role within the company.

Let’s connect the dots

TGHR can help you look at opportunities in new ways and connect the dots. How, you ask? 

  • By getting to know the real you
  • Analyzing your resume and work history with a fresh set of eyes 
  • Discussing relevant in-demand skills, knowledge and experience 
  • Showing you how to better highlight the key aspects of your job history
  • And, best of all, giving your resume a voice 

You don’t have to be defined by your work history or previous job descriptions. Your ideal job match is out there. You matter, your skill set matters and the match matters. Our recruiter team loves helping job seekers be more intentional about their career search, uncover hidden gem transferable skills, expand their knowledge base and embrace the journey! 

Ready to advance your career path? Contact us today to learn more about our free personalized job solutions.