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Someone is ALWAYS hiring!!!

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December 21, 2008

Regardless of any economic situation someone is always hiring…even for great central Indiana jobs.  As a matter of fact I think everyone in the world could think of the same exact company that needs people this time of year – North Pole, Inc. Mr. Clauss, CEO.  
He always has a global demand for his products and a need for great talent to help him meet his demand.  Now, we might not all be in a personal situation to pick up and relocate to the North Pole and let’s face it our rocking horse building skills have probably gone by the way side years ago.  Despite us not being able to work for Santa, there are a few things we all DO know:

  • There are companies in Indianapolis that are always hiring.
  • You may not know who they are.
  • If you do, chances are so does the rest of Central Indiana.

So…there are a few things you can do to increase the odds of either you finding these companies or the companies finding you.

1. CALL ME, my company works exclusively with local companies using us to help fight for them in the war for talent.
2.  Unless you are a master networker and six degrees from everyone in your profession like Kevin Bacon…read this book.
3. Take some time and watch this presentation.  Jim Stroud has spent years as a corporate recruiter, desparate job searcher himself, and general researcher about the art of finding a job.
4.  CALL That’s Good HR!!

However you hunt for your next position make sure you do it ethically and with passion and I hope you find a position that inspires you!  Happy Hunting!