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Breaking the Stigma Around Temp Work

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Hannah Replogle headshot.
Hannah Replogle
Operations and HR Administrator
November 22, 2021

Although the stigma surrounding “temp workers” is fading, it’s been a slow process. At That’s Good HR, we still sometimes see a stigma around temp work with both employers and job seekers when staffing for temporary positions. There might be a perception that those applying for temporary jobs aren’t as skilled as other applicants. Or job seekers might not want to apply for a temp job because they don’t see it as “important” as a permanent position. But we believe that the value of temp work all depends on your perspective, which can help break the long-time stigma!

Where does the temp work stigma come from?

Temporary work and the staffing industry have grown enormously in just the past few decades. According to a study on the stigmatization of temporary workers published in the “Journal of Management,” the number of temporary-employment agencies has grown from roughly 100 in the mid-80s to more than 15,000. And these agencies are serving the 16 million Americans currently working temporary assignments. As with any new industry, there are growing pains and a period of finding what works—and what doesn’t. 

One specific instance mentioned in the study came from a temporary worker who said, “As a temp, I was required to wear this humiliating badge at all times while on the job. I can still hear the snickers I would get when walking into a conference room.” And while we have seen the conditions for temporary workers improve even in our last 20 years in business, there is still a stigma that needs to be eliminated. 

Temp work: When “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t fit

For a growing number of job seekers, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, a traditional 9-5 just doesn’t fit their needs. Maybe you are the primary caretaker for your children or an aging family member, and you can only work on short-term assignments when you have support to do so. Maybe you are going through a career change and want to explore a new field. Temp work can allow you to add valuable new skills and experience to your resume, making it more accessible to find a full-time career (or other exciting temp work) in the future.

Temp work offers better work-life balance

As we mentioned, temp work is great for parents and caretakers. And as a temporary worker, you have the agency to decide when and where you want to work. Mental health has never been more of a priority in our society, and temp jobs can give you the opportunity to work for a period of time and take a mental health break when needed. Plus, when you contract with a staffing firm like That’s Good HR, you’ll receive competitive hourly rates and great benefits like health insurance, holiday pay, referral bonuses and vacation pay.

Temp work can offer more job satisfaction

Speaking of benefits, there are a number of intangible benefits to temp jobs for a variety of personalities in temporary workers. Filling an important need and completing specific projects in a company can offer many workers a major sense of job satisfaction. Other people might derive great satisfaction out of trying new things and learning new skills. Still others might enjoy being successful in a placement for a short time and moving on to the next flexible assignment when the time comes. No matter how you seek out job satisfaction, there’s a good chance that temporary work can help you find it. 

Temp work makes hiring more strategic

Although temp jobs are sometimes thought of as being for low-level tasks, that myth is simply not true. We frequently work with top-quality Indianapolis employers to strategically hire temporary workers for human resources positions, executive assistants, administrative work and healthcare careers. Companies in a wide range of industries need temporary workers to fill in during busier seasons and for special projects, meaning that they are seeking highly-skilled and flexible workers to join their team for a deliberately planned reason. 

If you or someone you know is looking for a new temp job opportunity, reach out to our That’s Good HR staffing experts today online or at 317-469-4141. You can help us break the stigma by spreading the word about the great experiences you’ve had with temporary work!