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How to Get Back To Work: 4 Tips for Reentering the Workforce After a Career Break

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Julie Johnson
Talent Acquisition Partner
June 14, 2024

Life has a way of throwing curveballs at us, whether it’s welcoming a new addition to the family, navigating through unexpected job transitions, or simply taking a much-needed break from the corporate hustle.

Whatever reason you might have put the 9-5 life on pause is valid. In fact, a 2023 LinkedIn Survey of over 30,000 participants found that nearly 62% of working folks had taken a career break in their adult lives. 

Oftentimes, people inevitably feel the itch to “get back out there” and reenter the workforce after a professional hiatus. Regardless of why you may have taken time off, starting the job search again can feel both exciting and overwhelming. 

At That’s Good HR, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

Get ready to jump in and reignite your job search with our tips below!

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Trust us when we say, we understand how frustrating it can be to navigate endless job postings, compete with other candidates, and scour the internet trying to find the perfect job that meets your unique career goals and aspirations. 

The job hunt is a process that requires patience, resilience, and confidence. It’s essential to approach this transition with a positive mindset and celebrate the valuable experiences you’ve gained during your time away. 

Self-Reflection + Gratitude

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Before you start updating your resume, begin networking online, or submit any job applications, it’s important to take some time for self-reflection and exploration. 

Grab a gratitude journal and jot down all the things you’re grateful for and the skills you’ve sharpened during your career break. It’s a wonderful way to boost your positivity and remind yourself of your unique strengths. 

Additionally, don’t be afraid to explore different career interests and talents that could guide you toward a career path that not only pays the bills but also aligns with your passions. 

Starting your job search with enthusiasm and an open mind will be assets to you that set you apart in the job market. 

Update Your Job Search Toolkit

Man who is updating his Job Search Toolkit

Remember, your career journey is unique, and the skills you’ve acquired along the way can often translate into soft skills on a job resume. Before diving into the job search process, it’s crucial to update your professional toolkit. 

Revamp Your Resume

Take the time to update your resume with your most recent accomplishments and relevant skills. Highlight the valuable experiences and transferable skills you gained during your career break. 

Craft a resume that captures your expertise and showcases your strengths to potential employers.

By highlighting unique experiences and skills, you can effectively capture the attention of potential employers and set yourself apart from other candidates.

Showcase Relevant Experience + Strengths

First, think about the qualities that make you an asset to potential employers, whether it’s your time management, problem-solving abilities, or communication skills. 

Then, identify the strengths and skills you’ve developed or enhanced during your career break. Highlight these strengths on your resume and during interviews to stand out from the competition. 

For example, this could look like:

  • Attention to detail: Showcased a keen eye for detail and accuracy in project management.  
  • Problem-solving: Utilized critical thinking to troubleshoot technical issues. 

Remember, while soft skills shouldn’t be front and center, there is a time and place for them on your resume. Hint: that’s usually below your work history. 

Seek assistance from That’s Good HR

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Don’t forget, our team at That’s Good HR is here to support you through the process of reentering the workforce.

We provide guidance on resume writing, interview preparation, and finding the right role. With our expertise and experience in the Indy job market, we can help you ensure that your professional toolkit is polished and ready to make a strong impression on potential employers, increasing your chances of success.

Find Guidance + Emotional Support 

Navigating a job search can be daunting, especially after a career break.

It’s natural to feel uncertain and anxious about the future. As you prepare to get back to work, leaning on your support system for emotional support can make all the difference.

Ask for The Encouragement You Need 

Reach out to friends, family, and loved ones who can provide encouragement, reassurance, and a listening ear. Ask for the affirmation you need to boost your confidence and keep the job search moment going. 

Share Your Struggles  

When you share your job search setbacks with those who understand your career path, you might unknowingly invite people to offer valuable insights or a fresh perspective. 

Expressing your challenges and goals to loved ones not only builds a sense of camaraderie, but also opens up opportunities to receive practical advice, resources, and connections.

By being open about your job search, you may just put a bug in someone’s ear and land the referral that moves you toward your dream job. 

Celebrate Small Wins 

Whether submitting a well-crafted application, receiving a positive response from a potential employer, or engaging in a productive networking event, celebrate the small victories with your support network. 

Their celebration with you can reinforce your resilience and determination. Remember that your emotional well-being is just as important as your professional journey. 

Lean on your support network for emotional support through uplifting conversations, shared activities, or moments of relaxation to alleviate the stress of the job search process.

Find that Made-For-You Job with That’s Good HR

That's Good HR team

As you start thinking about “getting back out there” with your job search, remember that transitions are part of the professional growth process. 

At That’s Good HR, we’re here to boost your confidence so you can tackle your next career move. Whether you’re returning to work after a parental leave, navigating a layoff, or exploring new opportunities, we’re here to support you every step of the way. 

Connect with us today to discover how we can partner with you in finding your dream job. 

Your future career awaits — let’s make it happen together!