Hidden Talents

April 9, 2018

The TGHR team is not just talented at finding great jobs for great candidates, but also have some hidden talents as well.

When you walk through our front door, you are greeted by our friendly HR Coordinator, Emma Chandler.  Emma puts our candidates at ease before their interview with her sweet, southern demeanor.  Did you know that Emma is an award-winning dancer? She “officially” danced from kindergarten to 6th grade, mostly jazz and tap, at a studio where she grew up in Huntsville, AL.  Fast forward to college where she used that experience to choreograph (and dance in) two main competitions held annually.  She placed in the top three in every single one, and won first place in four competitions.

Our VP of Client Services, Tiffany Moore is best known for providing top-notch service to TGHR clients.  She’s been doing so for more than a decade.  But Tiffany’s hidden talent?  She’s an amateur meteorologist.  Yes, it’s official – Tiffany is obsessed with the weather.  If it’s storm season, you’ll find her glued to the television, or monitoring her phone when she’s at work.  Her passion for weather started when she got stuck overnight at her first job.  She ended up sleeping on the floor of her office all night (see why she is so dedicated to her clients?).  If she wasn’t in staffing, you’d find Tiffany on a local weather channel giving you the scoop!

You may know Greta Cline, our Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Office, as one of the finalists for CFO of the Year.  Greta excels in more than just crunching numbers and creating the perfect pivot table.  Did you know she can also halter a dairy cow, not to mention milk them too?  She has been active in Boone County 4H for years and now shares her talent with her daughters.

The rest of the staff is just as talented. Staffing Specialist Staci Upmeyer can French braid like a champ and Madison Schacht can write with her toes – but do you want to know where the team’s real talent lies? It is the ability to listen to candidates describe what they want in their careers and their experience, all while keeping an ear out for what soft skills employees may not even know they possess.  Mary, Tiffany and Amber are talented in listening to our clients describe their needs and then communicating with the recruiters to find the perfect person for the role.  Go ahead, give us a call and we will be happy to share our talents with you!