TGHR Wins “Best of Staffing” Award Again

That’s Good HR has once again earned ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® award for exceptional service. The Best of Staffing Award recognizes the best staffing agencies in the country, based on survey responses from employment agency clients and job seekers.

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Greta Cline, CFO
Greta Cline
Partner, CFO/COO
March 2, 2023

That’s Good HR has once again earned ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® award for exceptional service. The Best of Staffing Award recognizes the best staffing agencies in the country, based on survey responses from employment agency clients and job seekers. As a courtesy to clients who are asked to answer the survey, That’s Good HR chooses to participate in the service every other year, rather than every year. That’s Good HR has won the award each time.

“We are proud to earn the Best of Staffing designation yet again in 2023,” said Mary Springer, That’s Good HR Founder and Partner. “This one is special because it reflects feedback from our customers. Our talented staff works hard to match candidates with some of the Indianapolis area’s best employers. We invest the necessary time to consider not only the job description but the company culture and expectations as well.”

The Best of Staffing award recognizes companies who receive at least a 50% Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) on the survey, which indicates how likely respondents are to recommend firms to a friend or colleague.

  • That’s Good HR’s NPS® of 83.7% was well above the 2022 staffing industry average of 31%.
  • That’s Good HR’s NPS® was even higher than the 77% average earned by all companies who received the Best of Staffing award this year.

What makes TGHR stand out?

The Best of Staffing survey asks participants to rate agencies on several factors, including the quality of candidates and the timeframe for bringing employers and candidates together.

  • 100% of respondents say That’s Good HR submits multiple qualified candidates that match the company’s requirement.
  • 100% believe That’s Good HR submits candidates who are a good culture fit for the company.
  • 100% say That’s Good HR submits candidates within the expected timeframe.
  • 98% believe That’s Good HR submits realistic expectations regarding open positions.

What do customers say?

One of That’s Good HR’s favorite features of the survey is reading what clients have to say. This feedback reinforces the company’s commitment to the client:

“They really listen to your wants/needs and provide top-notch, quality candidates. We have hired many long-term employees through them.”

“The recruiters provide accurate and informative information to candidates. It prepares them for what our job entails and what we look for in a candidate.”

“The team is available, and they always provide suitable candidates for the positions we provide to them.”

“Found top-notch candidates at reasonable rates, which is not easy to do in today’s job market.”

“They are consistently engaging the entire team. They are always looking for ways to improve the process or the performance of the team.”

Living up to the award with every match

That’s Good HR has more than 20 years of experience in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. When you partner with That’s Good HR, you are connecting with a company who will work to understand your individual requirements and match you with candidates whose qualifications are well suited to the open roles. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity and will always strive to find a strategic solution to your staffing challenges.

Why spend valuable time searching for qualified candidates when you can have That’s Good HR on your side? To learn more about our award-winning staffing services, visit or send us a message at


What We Learned From Our LinkedIn Polls – Employer Edition

LinkedIn polls offer new insights.
Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
December 8, 2022

Have you answered one of our LinkedIn online polls this year? These periodic queries offer a unique vantage point for understanding the Indianapolis-area job market from both the employee and employer point-of-view. As we finish 2022, let’s look at what insights our followers can give employers who want to start the year off right in 2023.

Benefits matter

Our research tells that benefits are an integral part of any employment package. With today’s competitive job market, you want to be able to attract the best talent to make your company stronger and more productive. We asked our followers to choose one benefit out of a list of four:

·        Four-day work week

·        Remote work option

·        Unlimited PTO

·        Fully paid health insurance

We had a statistical tie for first, with the four-day work week and remote work option each receiving 36% of the vote. In fact, we’ve known for a while that remote work is reshaping requirement and hiring. This survey seems to agree.

The power of referrals

Finding the right candidates in today’s job market can be a challenge. According to Training Magazine’s 2021 Training Industry Report, companies spend an average of $1,071 to train a new employee. Subsequently, you want to find the right candidate the first time. How do companies find new employees? According to our LinkedIN poll, referral by another employee is the top solution. At That’s Good HR, we often rely on referrals to place qualified candidates in positions best suited for their talent and skill set.

Making them an offer

The best defense is a good offense, and many of our client companies stay ahead of the game by adjusting their hiring strategies. When we asked our LinkedIn followers how they had modified their offer packages to attract the best talent, we had them choose between four options:

·        A flexible schedule or remote work

·        Better compensation

·        Extra benefits

·        A sign-on bonus

The answers also tell us what we’ve discovered over the course of 2022. A whopping 60% percent of those responding say remote work and flexible schedules help employers land – and keep – qualified candidates. Better compensation was cited by 20% of those who responded.

What is 2023 bringing to the hiring market? We’re reading the same headlines as you are and wondering if the economy is going to bounce back or whether we’re facing a recession. In these uncertain times, you deserve a staffing expert on your side. The professional staff at That’s Good HR invests the necessary time to understand what your company is looking for in an employee. Above all, we appreciate that your time is valuable, and we will only refer candidates whose unique skills answer your company’s individual needs. We’ll also stick around to troubleshoot any problems that arise and continue to work to meet your company’s hiring goals. At That’s Good HR, the match matters. We’d love to help you. Reach out now for more information.

Job Advice

Remote Work is Reshaping Recruitment and Hiring

Tiffany Moore headshot.
Tiffany Moore
VP, Client Partnerships
November 8, 2021

3 Tips from That’s Good HR

The rise of technology and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are making remote work more common than ever. As many of us adjusted to working from home in quarantine, a number of companies have made it a priority to implement more part- or full-time remote positions. And as we work remotely, so do we recruit and hire remotely. That’s Good HR has three tips for going through a remote hiring process, whether you’re on the employer or the job seeker side of things.

1. Prepare for remote hiring practices

One of the biggest parts of the hiring process is the interview. Virtual interviews can be nerve-wracking even for the most experienced Zoom user, but when you are prepared there is less that can go wrong. Be sure to test your technology and use the same sense of professionalism you would use in person. If there happens to be a delay in your connection or the call drops, simply start over and explain the issue. Everyone can use a little extra understanding during a virtual interview. 

If you’re the interviewer, prepare for your meeting by looking over the applicant’s resume and any other materials they have sent you. Virtual interviews are generally more cost-effective since you can fit more of them into your day, but don’t let your volume of meetings make them impersonal for your applicants. If you are the interviewee, prepare by researching the company and/or the person you are meeting with. And another benefit of a virtual interview is that you’re in your own home instead of an unfamiliar office space — so use that to your advantage and try to relax as much as possible.

2. Offer remote working benefits

Speaking of benefits, employee benefits can make or break a job offer, and the same is true for remote workers. Obviously, you’ll want to see all the usual benefits in a new job description (PTO, insurance, 401k) but a remote position can include additional and unique benefits. As an employer, you can highlight the flexible schedule that remote work offers. Let applicants know if there is a daily block of time or a weekly meeting for which they should plan to be available, but other than that their schedule should be their own to create. 

Likewise, for job seekers, let your interviewer know if there are times you are likely to be unavailable (such as for your child’s school drop-off) or a certain time of day when you put in your best work. Other benefits that often come with remote positions can include stipends to set up a home office or to rent a coworking space, stipends or reimbursement for technology and internet costs, access to online professional development, and virtual team activities or happy hours.

3. Adjust job descriptions for remote work

Not sure how to write a job description for remote work as an employer? We can help! Make sure that the job title is as specific as possible, and either set your location as “remote” or include keywords that make it obvious that yours is a remote position. Clearly state the remote nature of this role: Are you willing to hire from any time zone? From outside the U.S.? Is it fully remote or will you require certain days per week or month in the office? And be sure to include those perks we discussed above in the job benefits section!

As a job seeker, you may want to adjust your resume to indicate that you are interested in remote work. You could include in your personal summary statement whether you are open to remote work as an option or only seeking a remote position. And though your mailing address is usually one of the standards on a resume template, it may not be necessary if you’re applying exclusively to remote jobs, aside from perhaps indicating your current time zone.

If you are in need of help with employer recruiting or finding a new position as a job seeker, reach out to the staffing experts at That’s Good HR online or at 317-469-4141!

HR Insights

5 Reasons to Choose That’s Good HR over Employment Websites

Madison Schacht headshot.
Madison Schacht
Manager of Talent Acquisition
May 13, 2021

Employment Websites: Yay or Nay?

When you’re looking for a new job (or seeking a new employee), many people’s first stop is an employment website like Indeed or Monster. And while this isn’t necessarily a bad approach, the personalized customer service that you’ll find at That’s Good HR will offer more solid job placements in the Indianapolis area that are mutually satisfying for job seekers and employers alike. Learn why working with That’s Good HR is refreshing, personal and trustworthy.

  1. You deserve more personal relationships. 

That’s Good HR was founded in 2000 out of a desire to do staffing better. We believe that our clients and our candidates deserve a more personal approach with our expert staffing specialists, as well as ethical methods for hiring and a real knowledge of the Indianapolis job market. For more than 20 years, our customer service has routinely blown expectations out of the water. 

And with a personal relationship comes true honesty. We know that staffing firms are not always known for integrity, but that’s all you’ll find at That’s Good HR with our refreshingly honest, refreshingly trustworthy team. If we don’t currently have a job that’s just the right fit your skill set, we’ll let you know. If a candidate isn’t the ideal fit for your company, we’ll tell you that, too. 

  1. Our services are free for job seekers. 

We partner with local Indianapolis companies that are seeking the cream of the crop in their employees. Since we work directly with employers to list their available positions, there is no fee or cost for candidates who are seeking new job opportunities. We also offer a wide range of free resources for job seekers, including interview etiquette reminders, resume templates and more. 

  1. We have something for nearly everyone. 

We offer placements with skill levels ranging from entry-level to management, and in a variety of fields including HR, administrative, customer service, healthcare and accounting. We always have an array of open positions listed on our website, so at any time, you could find your perfect job right here through That’s Good HR!

Our team offers not just direct-hire positions, but also temp and temp-to-hire options. Temp assignments can be great for people looking to earn a little extra cash or learn more about a new career field. Temp-to-hire positions are short-term assignments with the intent of being hired at the end date, which gives both you and your employer a natural time to assess whether the position is the best fit. 

  1. We’ll stick around even after you’re hired.

We know that it can be nerve-wracking to start a new job. So as the people you’ve formed a relationship with, our staffing specialists will stay in touch regularly to make sure that your new placement is going well. If a problem arises, we’ll help out with swift solutions that work for both you and your new employer. 

  1. We offer extra benefits and onboarding too! 

When we help match you with the right employer, we know you’re looking for more than just a new job. At That’s Good HR, we throw in all kinds of sweet perks like health insurance, holiday pay, referral bonuses, and even vacation pay. Even temp and temp-to-hire assignments can benefit from these surprisingly good packages, as well as a thorough onboarding to your new position. 

If you are ready to take the next step in seeking employment through That’s Good HR, contact us today 317-469-4141 or reach out online. We can’t wait to find the best fit for your unique skills and talents!


Don’t Get Spooked…The Why Behind Ghosting

Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
October 10, 2019

It is said that time heals all wounds but ghosting still hurts no matter how long it has been.  Ghosting is not a new phenomenon, it has been around for decades and still leaves a sting. Why does ghosting hurt so much? Psychology Today points out that being rejected stimulates the same receptors as physical pain. Being “stood up” or ghosted makes a person question not only the other person, but also themselves.

So…why do people ghost and simply not show up without an explanation? It is a technique to avoid confrontation or seemly uncomfortable situations.  In addition, when people ghost they are thinking more about themselves and their situation than the other person.  This often happens when a person is job searching, especially in a tight job market with a qualified candidate.

Electronic forms of communication such as email, texting and even social media, has made ghosting even easier.  It is possible that a candidate’s interaction with a company has only been through email, which makes it easier for the person to ghost. One of the ways that TGHR can help is through our time-tested candidate screening process.  We meet in person with all the candidates that we present to you, which helps create that personal connection.

Do things still come up? Of course, but you do not need to be spooked – it is our problem, not yours.  We shoulder the responsibility so you can save your scares for Halloween. We will not ghost you – 20 years of staffing Indianapolis proves it!

Job Advice

Can You Ever Recover from a “NCNS” Situation?

Amber Crosby
October 6, 2019

Our #1 priority at That’s Good HR is finding great candidates for great clients.  It’s what we do every day and we do it because we know we can help people.  That assistance includes helping people avoid one of the biggest mistakes that can be made.  That mistake is getting labeled as a “NCNS”.

The term “no call, no show” (NCNS) is attributed to a person that doesn’t show up to an assigned place or time.  This could be for a day of work or for an interview.  It is deemed as highly unprofessional and often can have repercussions beyond just that one day. This situation should be avoided at all costs but ghosting becomes more prevalent in a tight job market. If you find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation that will result in a no show, you need to make every attempt to communicate to your manager or hiring manager and recruiter.  In this situation, over-communication is best – call, email AND text (yes, all three).  Your job – either keeping one or getting one – is your priority and TGHR can help you manage that priority.

Is it possible to recover from a no call, no show situation?  Yes, but it is extremely difficult.  First, you need to have a valid reason for your manager or the hiring manager.  This needs to be true and monumental, like an unfortunate death in the family.  But stick with the truth, fabricating an excuse will make the situation worse down the line.

Next, you’ll want to apologize to any coworkers if you are currently working.  Your absence likely impacted them, and an apology would begin to repair broken trust. If you are currently working, you need to know the applicable policies that are in place.  Is there a no tolerance policy? What are your company’s repercussions?  Knowing the policy will help you understand the consequences you will inevitably be faced with.

Finally, don’t forget to communicate with your recruiter.  They need to be made aware of the situation as soon as possible.  The same courtesies need to be extended and a valid reason needs to be shared.  TGHR recruiters are experts in staffing and experts in knowing when something does not add up, so be forthcoming as an attempt to salvage the relationship.

Bottom line – it’s best to avoid this situation altogether.  If there are extenuating circumstances, relationships with your manager, hiring manager, co-workers or recruiters may be able to be salvaged, but do you really want to take that risk?


How to Get a Job Quickly After Graduation

Amber Crosby
May 9, 2019

Seven out of 10 college seniors will graduate with approximately $30,000 in student loans according to recent data from the Institute for College Access & Success. Even with this debt, college graduates and their families think college is a worthwhile investment – 90 percent of families think that according to lender Sallie May.

At That’s Good HR, we agree education is a solid investment, but Americans are now burdened more by college loans then credit card or auto debt.  In addition, 1 in 3 graduates said their school loans prevented or delayed them from buying a home. Some innovative employers are even letting their employees trade vacation days in exchange for payment on their student loans since this type of debt impacts so many employees.

Graduates may be saddled with debt, but their job prospects are plentiful – which is good news.  This year, employers plan to hire nearly 11 percent more graduates from the class of 2019 than they did from the class of 2018. But with student loans and a fast-moving job market, it’s more important than ever to get into a job quickly.

Often, upon graduation students are still thinking about what type of office environment would be the right fit for them.  A temporary assignment in a chosen degree field allows prospective employees to assimilate into the workforce quickly and learn what type of office setting works best.  Temporary assignments can last from a few days to months, allowing recent grads to rack up experience while finding their way.  Entry-level customer service positions, human resources positions, accounting positions or admin roles are perfect for new graduates. A third of the time, we see temporary assignments turn into full-time positions. If the assignment ends, there is no need to worry, we can place hard-working candidates in another role quickly and seamlessly.

We would love to hear about your college experience and get you to work quickly to repay those loans! Reach out and we will let you know your options to get your career started. See all our open positions on our job board and apply today!

HR Insights

Tips for Recruiting Millennials

Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
April 17, 2019

Millennials—those born from the early 1980s to the late 1990s—are the fastest growing generation to occupy the workforce. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 1 in 3 workers are young adults ages 18-34, and by 2020, half of all employees will be Millennials. With numbers like that, it’s easy to see the impact this generation will have on your company’s future growth. Beyond just growing your employee pool, hiring Millennials can add fresh perspectives and ideas to energize your business. So how can you snag these creative go-getters?

Know What They Want

The days of selling a candidate on your benefits like insurance and retirement funds are over. Millennials care much more about advancement opportunities, professional development, and—you guessed it—pay. Salary is a key component to most job-seekers, and this generation is no exception. Communicate clearly about pay during the recruitment process to keep candidates more interested. Young workers are also looking for a clear path to promotions and appreciate defined goals for advancement. They want a company that will invest in them as professionals, including mentors and leadership training.

While salary is important, young people also value less traditional benefits. According to a Deloitte survey, 3 out of 4 Millennials want to be offered the chance to work off-site. They are all about a customized lifestyle with flexible work schedules and a strong work/life balance.

Update Your Communications

Today’s young employees are the most tech-savvy working generation to date, relying heavily on mobile devices. Your website and application process must be mobile-friendly to engage Millennials. Not only do you want to make it as simple as possible for them to reach you, but it’s also important to demonstrate clearly that your business values and invests in technology. Easy-to-use mobile platforms are a must, and job searches and application submissions should be quick and painless.

Growing up in this world of real time messaging, Millennials expect timely communication. Once an application or resume is submitted, a rapid response detailing when they can expect to hear back offers great assurance. Text messages are not considered too personal with this generation as phone calls are seen as old-school. But also keep in mind Millennials value personalized communication, so steer clear of scripted emails and texts or cold autoreplies.

Maximize Social Media

Connecting with potential Millennial talent on social media can be a powerful tool in your recruiting arsenal. For one thing, most young workers today are always on the lookout for that next job opportunity; in fact 2 out of 3 Millennials are ready to leave their current job for greener grass according to the Deloitte survey. Facebook and LinkedIn are great platforms for not just posting jobs online, but also for sending personalized messages to possible candidates. Young people respond well to unique communications directed specifically to them and their talents.

Most Millennials also check out potential employers by visiting their social media pages. A strong online presence is vital to showing them just exactly who you are and what your company is all about. Young workers today want your company’s mission and culture to align with their values, and they look for clues through the photos and messages you share on social media. Use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to tell a story about your business. Consider posting items like pictures of your employees having fun, special company events, volunteering opportunities, and more.

There’s no denying Millennials and technology have forever changed the recruiting landscape. With a little insight into this thriving generation, you can attract fresh, enthusiastic talent into your company. At That’s Good HR, we’re experts at connecting with potential candidates across all generations. We’re here to answer your questions. Contact us today.

Job Advice

Four Simple Steps to Prepare for a Second Interview

April 11, 2019

You have gone to a job interview and left with the sense that the interview went well.  Then your recruiter calls and says the company would like to talk to you again. Your first thought may be “why?”, but this is often a necessary step in today’s tight job market.  How do you prepare?  Here’s four simple steps to ensure you rock the second interview, just like you did the first time.

  1. Dress the same. Whatever professional outfit you wore for the first interview, match that level of professionalism in your follow-up interview. Don’t assume that you should be more casual when meeting with the company for the second time.
  2. Prepare questions. It is possible that you will be meeting with different people than you did the first time you interviewed at the client company – your recruiter can let you know. If this is the case, you can use some of the questions that were asked in the first interview.  However, make sure you have at least three new questions to ask of your interviewer.
  3. Be prepared. Whenever you are headed to an interview, you should be prepared. Your recruiter at That’s Good HR will help you with this step. For a second interview, review your answers from the first round interview, because it is possible that you might be asked the very same question. Check out these answers to the 31 most common interview questions.
  4. Write a thank you note. It’s always a good idea to follow-up with a thank you note. Write one to each person you interviewed with.  If you do not know what to say, not a problem – we’ve got you covered.  An example can be found on our online resources page.

If a company is interested in talking to you for a second time, take it as a compliment.  It means they liked you and want to get to know you more before moving forward.  Once your second interview is complete, let your recruiter know and hopefully they will have good news for you shortly. Best of luck the second time around!

About TGHR

That’s Good HR Named to Best of Staffing

Mary Springer headshot
Mary Springer
February 11, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that That’s Good HR has earned ClearlyRated’s Best of Staffing® Client Award for providing superior service to our clients. That’s Good HR received scores of 9 or 10 out of 10 from 95.8 percent of clients, which was our highest NPS score to date.  This satisfaction percentage is also significantly higher than the industry’s average of 35 percent. Less than 2 percent of all staffing agencies in the U.S. and Canada have earned the Best of Staffing Award for service excellence. On average, clients of winning agencies are 2.2 times more likely to be completely satisfied with the services provided compared to those working with non-winning agencies. We can’t thank our clients enough.

One of the best things about participating in the annual survey, is we receive direct feedback from our clients.  This feedback validates the work that we do daily for our clients and candidates.  Here’s a sample of our feedback:

  • TGHR does a great job at providing quality candidates and our company has been able to retain the majority of those candidates!
  • That’s Good HR, Inc. has been a solid provider of candidates when we’ve needed additional support. They have a lovely team that is communicative and helpful, and they are very knowledgeable about their industry and location.
  • They really care about their clients and their candidates and it shows. I love working with That’s Good HR!
  • Always a good experience working with TGHR to fill either short or long-term staffing needs.
  • The staff is very responsive, helpful, friendly and enjoyable to work with.
  • Read more testimonials here.

The survey was conducted in December 2018 and was sent to all hiring managers and companies we had worked with in a three-month period.  The results are tabulated and were released in February 2019. The awards are presented by ClearlyRated in partnership with CareerBuilder. ClearlyRated (formerly known as Inavero) is an independent, international company that administers more staffing agency client and talent satisfaction surveys than any other firm in the world, reporting on more than 1.2 million satisfaction surveys from staffing agency clients and job seekers each year.

So, thanks. Thanks to our clients who let us help them find the best talent for their open positions.  We are grateful for your support and your feedback.  We share this honor with you!