8 Green Flags to Look For When Outsourcing Your Staffing

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Cheryl Milton, TGHR account executive
Cheryl Milton
Account Executive
May 15, 2024

In today’s economy, businesses are increasingly outsourcing their staffing to find the talent they need. For many companies and organizations, outsourcing your staffing is a strategic move to gain access to specialized skills, manage costs, and even scale.

But it’s important to know: not all staffing solutions are created equal.

Recognizing the signs of a reliable and effective outsourcing partner is crucial, and That’s Good HR is here to outline what “green flags” to look for before taking that step.

Understanding What Outsourcing Means

Before diving into the green flags, it’s important to understand what outsourcing your staffing means.

Outsourcing involves delegating the process of talent sourcing, recruitment, onboarding, and sometimes even day-to-day staff management to an external organization. These services can range from fully Temp staffing solutions, Temp-to-Hire placements, Direct Hires, and even Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

What Is Talent Sourcing?

Talent sourcing is the process of identifying and engaging potential candidates for your company’s staffing needs. This process is crucial, as it fills the pipeline with qualified candidates, ensuring that your staffing requirements are met efficiently and effectively.

Green Flag #1: Proven Track Record

Woman looking for an outsourcing partner on her computer

A reputable staffing agency will have a proven track record of successfully placing candidates in roles similar to what you are looking for. They should be able to provide case studies, testimonials, or references from other clients. This social proof serves as a powerful demonstration of a company’s ability to deliver quality staffing solutions that meet client expectations.

Specific Industry Experience

While a general proven track record is important, finding a staffing partner with experience in your specific industry can be a game-changer. You want staffing partners that are familiar with the nuances and specific skill sets required in your field (and location.)

For example, at That’s Good HR,  we have a proven track record of successfully placing candidates in roles across various industries, including: Administrative, Medical Administrative, Accounting, Human Resources, and Customer Service. We’ve been matching Indianapolis employers with local talent since 2000, which means we know how to meet the specific needs of companies in Central Indiana (and beyond) because we deeply understand the area.

Long story short? We’re Indy-obsessed and know the staffing landscape of Indianapolis inside and out.

Green Flag #2: Transparent Communication

Group of people having a transparent conversation online

When it comes to Human Resources, you need partners who will keep you informed throughout the entire talent sourcing and recruitment process, providing clear timelines, regular updates, and transparency about any challenges they may encounter. 

By working with a partner who values honesty and transparency, you can build a strong and trusting relationship that leads to successful long-term HR solutions.

That’s Good HR: A Refreshingly Honest Partner

At That’s Good HR, we keep things refreshingly honest. When you work with us, you can trust that you are working with a reliable team of dedicated truth-tellers. We keep your best interests at heart who always strive to do better, which means never making a placement unless we know it’s in the best interest of both the employer and the candidate.

Green Flag #3: Comprehensive Vetting Processes

A thorough vetting process is a must-have for any staffing outsourcing service. A reputable staffing agency should have a detailed method for assessing candidates’ skills, experience, and cultural fit. This often includes background checks, skill assessments, and multiple rounds of interviews.

Commitment to Quality

Look for a staffing partner that is committed to providing high-quality candidates. They should have a clear process for ensuring that the individuals they source meet or exceed your requirements.

We walk the walk at That’s Good HR and find the most qualified candidates getting to know your specific needs. Our team will ask questions like:

  • What are your business goals, culture, and staffing needs?
  • What type of person would best fit this role?
  • Which skills, education, or experience would be most valuable?

Green Flag #4: Scalability and Flexibility

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Another green flag to look for when outsourcing your staffing is an agency’s ability to scale its solutions to meet your business needs. Whether you need to ramp up quickly for a project or scale down, the right partner will be able to accommodate those changes with minimal disruption.

Flexibility in Services

The ability to provide a range of services, from temporary staffing to Recruitment Process Outsourcing, is a sign of a versatile and reliable staffing partner. For example, at That’s Good HR, we offer a variety of personalized hiring solutions, including Temp, Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

With 24 years of sourcing, screening, selection, and retention experience, we’re experts at developing a personalized staffing plan for your business.

Green Flag #5: Strong Industry Networks

Staffing solutions providers with strong industry networks can tap into a wider pool of talent.

This is a significant advantage over being limited to a smaller applicant pool, as these agencies can source candidates who may not be actively seeking new opportunities but are a perfect fit for your company.

Access to Passive Candidates

We know that finding the right candidate can feel like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

At That’s Good HR, we know a thing or two about having a large, diverse talent pool. The best part? We only introduce you to the best of the best so we can get your dream candidate hired fast.

Green Flag #6: Cultural Alignment

Group of colleagues within a positive company culture

In order to outsource your staffing effectively, you need an agency that understands the importance of finding the right culture fit. Your staffing partner should prioritize learning and understanding your company’s core values to find candidates who truly align.

A Team That Gets to Know You

The right staffing agency will take those extra steps to ensure they understand your mission, vision, and values.

That’s why That’s Good HR is not your average staffing firm. We are personal and attentive, taking the time to get to know you so we can tailor our services to best meet your needs.

We understand the importance of candidates who not only have the right skills but who will fit seamlessly within your unique company culture.

Green Flag #7: Robust Support Systems

When it comes to choosing the right outsourcing partner,  an agency that has robust support systems in place for their talent and your company is a major green flag! 

This might look like onboarding support for your new hires, meaningful conversations with potential hires, and even gathering honest feedback from employees to retain top-talent.

Plus, let’s not forget the importance of reliable payroll processes with streamlined time tracking, timesheet approvals, and payroll corrections. In the world of temp staffing where paying people correctly is critical for retention, you need an outsourcing partner you can count on to get things right. 

Look For Ongoing, Personalized Support

If you’re looking for ongoing, personalized support that goes beyond the typical hiring to-do’s, That’s Good HR might be right for you. Our team of talented HR professionals makes hiring easy and stress-free. From payroll tasks to talent recruitment, resume screenings, and interviews, we’ll be your personal hiring consultants. Yep – your success matters to us.

Green Flag #8: Legal and Ethical Compliance

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Ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards is crucial when outsourcing staffing. A responsible staffing partner will navigate the complexities of labor laws and ensure that all practices are above board.

Commitment to Ethical Labor Practices

Choosing a staffing outsourcing service that understands the nuances of ethical practices not only protects your company from legal risks but also supports your reputation as a socially responsible business.

We understand those nuances at That’s Good HR, and we’re here to make sure you do, too.

Leverage Outsourcing for Success

Are you ready to outsource your staffing??

Hiring a staffing agency can truly be the most strategic and cost-effective way to find and onboard top-tier talent.  By recognizing these green flags, you can choose a staffing outsourcing service that aligns with your business goals and delivers the talent your company needs to scale.

Work with That’s Good HR

With the right partner, outsourcing your staffing can lead to significant benefits, including cost savings, access to a broader talent pool, and the ability to scale quickly. Keep an eye out for these green flags to ensure you choose a staffing partner that doesn’t just fill roles, but will make a positive impact on your company’s growth and success.

Remember: That’s Good HR is here for you. When you partner with us, we get to know you as a human and business owner. What matters to you matters to us. Our ultimate goal is not just to fill positions, but to serve as your business allies, support system, and one-stop shop for all things HR.Learn more about our hassle-free hiring process today and how you can outsource your staffing with the best in the biz: That’s Good HR.