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20 Years of Staffing Stories: Tiffany Moore

Greta Cline, CFO
Greta Cline
Partner, CFO/COO
May 11, 2020

Tiffany Moore has been connecting people to jobs for as long as she can remember even though she didn’t start out in staffing immediately. Upon her graduation from Purdue University, Tiffany’s first job was a payroll position, which is one of the many positions she staffs today.

After a couple of years in her payroll position, Tiffany changed jobs and eventually became an HR Supervisor at another Indianapolis-based company. It was in this role that she fell in love with recruiting. Recruiting was a natural fit for Tiffany since she loves to talk to people and not just small talk! Her passion lies in really getting to know people, which is what makes her a fantastic recruiter. 

For eight years, Tiffany focused most of her time recruiting for accounting and finance positions. She was content but in January of 2006, her husband showed her an article in the Business section of the Indianapolis Star about a company named That’s Good HR. He had worked out with one of the TGHR employees that were highlighted in the article at his gym. There was not only that connection, but also one of Tiffany’s former coworkers had gone to high school with TGHR Owner Mary Springer, bringing the connection full circle.

Tiffany was introduced to Mary but the timing wasn’t right for both of them. Fast forward to a year later, Mary knew exactly who she wanted to fill an open position at That’s Good HR, Inc. – Tiffany Moore. The position allowed Tiffany to get back to her roots by recruiting 100% of the time for accounting and finance positions. 

When Tiffany first started at That’s Good HR her responsibilities included everything from recruiting to sales. In 2010, Tiffany changed her focus to client relationships, which is where her role still is today. She has been able to take her passion for getting to know people in order to connect with her clients to truly understand their staffing needs. 

Twelve years later, Tiffany marvels that she still loves to come to work every day. The biggest change Tiffany as seen in the past 20 years is even though technology has changed, in many respects it has made things slower. People are in meetings more and since email is so prevalent, it makes it harder to talk to people either on the phone or face-to-face.

But not to worry, Tiffany’s drive to get to know people on a deeper level is what makes her successful. Her values of honesty and integrity shine through with her clients. If she wasn’t working with her clients all day, Tiffany says she would be a financial analyst or a meteorologist. With her obsession with the weather, her co-workers think she would make an amazing meteorologist. 

Do you have a story about how That’s Good HR has impacted you in the past 20 years? Let us know as we are sharing staffing stories all year long as part of our 20th Anniversary Celebration!

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20 Years of Staffing Stories: Mary Springer

February 20, 2020

If you had asked Mary Springer in college if she wanted to own her own business, she would have told you no. At the time, she was preparing herself to climb the corporate ladder, most likely in the area of finance. Upon reflection, she has always been metrics-driven and self-motivated, which are two vital skills for any business owner.

Upon graduation from Purdue University, armed with a degree in financial planning, she moved to Ft. Wayne to start a management training program to become director of finance for an educational institution.  While she enjoyed the management aspect of the job, Mary was eager to move back to Indianapolis. Moving back without a job would be tough, so she found a new job in a way that many people get a job – through networking.  A college friend had recently talked to a national staffing firm with a local presence in Indy and thought the job sounded like a good fit for Mary, not him.  He was right and Mary worked at that staffing firm for six years and then was recruited to open the temporary staffing division at a new, locally based staffing firm that was just starting out – That’s Good HR.

There are some aspects of the staffing business that have remained the same since 2000, but many have changed.  In 2000, there was an online job board – Monster.com, while today there are plenty to choose from like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, LinkedIn, Career Builder and more. The online job boards have provided access to more people, but everyone has that access. Mary recruited at college fairs in her early days, a practice that is still done today.  And the number one thing that has stayed the same through the years is the fact that staffing is about connecting the right person with the right job at the right time.

Social media has also changed the landscape of staffing.  As Mary points out, back in the day when you put an ad in the paper, the people responding didn’t have a LinkedIn profile that was readily available – not to mention that they were still reading a printed newspaper regularly. Online job boards and social media sites like Facebook have changed how we talk to people.  In fact, That’s Good HR has only been on Facebook for the past decade! In today’s fast-paced world with technology at your fingertips, Mary remarked that finding that personal connection is harder, but she’s up for the challenge.

The biggest challenge in the past 20 years was the recession of 2008, as it was for many businesses.  In theory, the staffing industry is “recession-proof” since when the market goes down, many companies hire contractors and there are more people looking for work, which is good news for staffing firms. But the recession of 2008 was different and forced more than 170,000 small businesses to close during the first two years of the recession. That’s Good HR was forced to reduce staff and do more with less resources but was able to not only survive but thrive amid a dismal economy.

As That’s Good HR continues to reinvent itself to meet the changing needs of the local landscape, Mary looks forward to what the next 20 years will bring.  And the end of the day she is most proud of building a place where people want to come to work and help people find jobs to achieve their goals every day.  Cheers to 20 years!

Do you have a story about how That’s Good HR has impacted you in the past 20 years? Let us know as we are sharing staffing stories all year long as part of our 20th Anniversary Celebration!