Your Favorite Things About Office Culture

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Kirstia Cropper headshot.
Kirstia Cropper
Operations Manager
June 18, 2021

Ready to head back to the office?

Many offices that have been partially or fully closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic are now reopening with safety plans or hybrid working models in place. So we’re warming you up to head back to your office with a reminder of all your favorite things about office culture. What are you most looking forward to about working in the office again? 

Social Collaboration with Colleagues

Probably one of the biggest parts of office culture that workers have missed during the pandemic is social interaction. Extroverts and introverts alike may be missing that time to get to know their coworkers in person, both working together and just chatting around the water cooler. Leaders of businesses from small to large may also be able to more effectively communicate and encourage positive office culture when working again in person. 

More Effective In-Person Meetings

Even in a hybrid office model, in-person meetings may start to resume shortly. Instead of emailing endlessly back and forth to make a decision, many have been missing in-person meetings that help us work quickly and efficiently. Meeting in real life can also help reduce potential conflict and confusion. There’s a lot to be said for tone and inflection that can’t be conveyed via email or text, and sometimes even via Zoom. Working together more effectively is often best done in person. 

Fewer Time-Sucking Tech Glitches

Working from home can often feel a lot like that old “hurry up and wait” saying. Working hard to complete something on a deadline, only to have to wait for approval via email instead of showing your supervisor in person. Waiting for a coworker to reply to an email, when in an office you could just go to their desk. Waiting for wifi and Zoom issues to resolve, when usually you’d just have an in-person meeting. Many technology glitches are easier solved when working back in the office. 

Increased Productivity

Working with the distractions of the dishes, laundry or other family members at home may mean you’re more than ready to head back to the office. Even a few days a week in the office to work on important or time-sensitive projects may help increase your productivity as you feel comfortable returning to your company in person. For many, a hybrid working model with some days to focus at home and others to collaborate in person may be an effective option moving forward.

Better Work-Life Boundaries

Working from home can sometimes be convenient, but it can also make it harder to set boundaries in your work-life balance. Maybe your “temporary” workspace is taking over your dining room table or bedroom vanity. When your laptop is always open for work, it’s easy to feel like you should just get one more thing done, until you realize you haven’t taken a break in hours. Even your commute can offer a natural transition point into and out of “work mode,” and can offer time to enjoy a podcast, music or some self-reflection. Getting back to the office may actually mean less time spent “at work.”

Ready for the Next Step?

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