4 Reasons to Outsource Temp Work: Benefits for Employers (and Employees)

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Mary Springer
April 8, 2024

It’s no secret that COVID-19 brought new challenges to the job market – between a scarcity of candidates, job insecurity, and fear of the unknown. Understandably, many job seekers were reluctant to take on temporary assignments.

However, the current job landscape has now shifted.  

More candidates are now open to temporary work opportunities, presenting a valuable chance for employers to tap into a pool of candidates willing to engage in temporary assignments, benefiting both employers and employees alike.

Temporary assignments might be temporary, but they are no less essential.  If you’re new to the world of temp work, here at That’s Good HR we’ve got the inside scoop on why it’s growing in popularity.

What is Temp Work?

Temp work is a common practice in the business world and involves hiring workers for a period of time, either weeks or months, to fill in for permanent employees or to complete a specific project.

While some professionals may view temporary employment as a last resort, it provides a ton of benefits to both employers and employees. 

Keep reading to explore the top four reasons why outsourcing temp work can be a smart decision for your business or career. 

1. Flexibility for both Employers and Employees

Whether you’re an employer who needs a job opening filled fast or an employee who needs to start making income quickly, one of the main benefits of outsourcing temp work is the flexibility it provides both employers and employees. 

Temp work eliminates the need to hire permanent employees, which can be a lengthy and costly process. Additionally, temp workers can be hired for specific projects, such as seasonal work or short-term assignments, allowing companies to complete projects without committing to long-term employment contracts.

Here are a few most common scenarios in which our clients find themselves bringing in temporary placements: 

  • increase in workload (scaling services)
  • special projects (product launches, internal initiatives)
  • seasonal demand (summer, holidays, tax season)
  • cover gaps (maternity/paternity leave, medical leave,  planned leave of absence)

But it’s not just about the employers; employees also reap incredible rewards through temp work. 

Temporary employment can open doors to life-changing opportunities for career growth and development, allowing job seekers to expand their horizons and gain diverse experiences.

For employees seeking flexibility in their work schedules, such as remote work or flexible hours, temp work allows them to choose assignments that fit their availability and preferences. Additionally, temp work allows professionals looking to explore different industries the opportunity to try out new roles without the long-term commitment.

2. Access to Specialized Skills

At That’s Good HR, we witness firsthand how our clients benefit from outsourcing temp work and having access to employees with specialized skills.

For example, if a company needs a data entry specialist with proficiency in Microsoft Excel, they can hire a temp worker with that specific expertise.

This can be especially beneficial for small businesses that may not have the resources to hire permanent employees with specialized skills. By outsourcing temp work, companies can access these skills without committing to long-term employment contracts.

For employees, temp positions provide a unique and valuable opportunity to learn and lean into more specialized skills that they are not yet proficient in as a way to learn on the job. By taking on temporary assignments in different industries, employees can gain exposure to a variety of tasks and responsibilities that require specialized expertise.

Temporary employment allows both employers and employees to expand their individual or team skill set, enhance overall knowledge, and develop new competencies.

3. Opportunity for Employees

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Outsourcing temp work not only benefits employers, but it can also provide opportunities for employees. Temp work can be a great way for individuals to gain experience, develop new skills, and make connections in their field.

Temp positions can also be a stepping stone to permanent employment. Many companies use temp work to evaluate potential employees before offering them a permanent position. This allows the employer and employee to determine if they work well together. 

4. Reduced Risk for Employers

Hiring permanent employees comes with a certain level of risk for employers. If the employee does not work out, the company may have to go through the termination process and find a replacement. 

Outsourcing temp work reduces this risk for employers. If a temp worker is not a good fit, the company can simply complete its contract with the temp worker and then find a replacement. This eliminates the need for termination and the associated costs.

How to Outsource Temp Work

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Now that we’ve explored the benefits of outsourcing temp work, let’s discuss how to do it effectively. Here are some steps to follow when outsourcing temp work:

1. Determine Your Needs

Before outsourcing temp work, it’s important to determine your company’s needs. This includes identifying the specific skills and experience required for the job, as well as the duration of the assignment.

2. Choose a Reputable Staffing Agency

When outsourcing temp work, it’s crucial to choose a reputable staffing agency, like That’s Good HR. We have over 24+ years of experience in the staffing industry, matching employers with qualified employees in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Whether you are looking for temporary workers for specific projects or seeking permanent employees, That’s Good HR can help you find the right fit for your company.

3. Communicate Clearly

At That’s Good HR, we know from experience that communication is key when outsourcing temp work. Be sure to clearly communicate your expectations and requirements when partnering with any staffing agency so they can best help you find the right temporary employees for your company.

4. Make Necessary Preparations 

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Once a temp worker is hired, it’s important to make necessary preparations to ensure success….(Yep. We know a bit about onboarding at That’s Good HR 😉)

Here are a few tips on what employers can do to make temp workers feel more at ease from day one:

  • Communicate Where They Should Be: Letting your temp hire know where exactly to be (and when) on the first day helps them feel welcomed and prepared. Additionally, providing a designated workspace could help a temp worker feel valued and part of the team.
  • Provide a Warm Welcome: Make your new temp hire feel welcome by introducing them to the team, providing a brief overview of the company culture, and communicating their first point of contact for any questions or clarity. 
  • Implement Systems: Have a plan in place for your temp worker. Let them know who they can sit with to learn their tasks and responsibilities. Pairing them with a colleague who can show them the ropes and answer any questions can help them feel more comfortable in their new role.

Clear and comprehensive onboarding can help temporary workers understand their roles, responsibilities, and company expectations.

At That’s Good HR, we handle all the onboarding responsibilities – from background screening to payroll, taxes, insurance, and more. We help with all those first-day details to ensure a smooth temp start at your organization. 

If you’d like to invest in hassle-free onboarding for your company’s temporary workers, visit our Employers page to learn how That’s Good HR can set your employees up for success and create a positive working environment for everyone involved.

5. Evaluate Performance

As with any employee, it’s important to evaluate the performance of temp workers to help determine if they are a good fit for your company long-term and if their skills and experience meet your expectations.

By assessing their skills, work ethic, and compatibility with the company culture, employers can make informed decisions about offering permanent roles to exceptional temp workers. 

After all, happy employees really do = happy employers. 

Why Temp Work Might Be Right For You

Tapping into the power of outsourcing temp work can truly transform your business, providing benefits for both employers and employees alike. From the flexibility it offers to the access to specialized skills and reduced risk for employers, the advantages can be invaluable.

For employees, it can provide powerful opportunities for both career and personal growth and development.

If you’re considering outsourcing temp work for your company, That’s Good HR is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our dedicated team of staffing experts understands the ins and outs of temp work. With the expertise and experience to match the right talent with the right placements, we ensure a seamless fit that sets employees and employers up for success. Visit our website to learn more about That’s Good HR and how we can help you make the most out of outsourcing temp work in your organization.