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February 18, 2010
It’s that time of year again for Indianapolis companies to gear up for some serious campus and college recruiting.  Already this week, That’s Good HR has participated in many local campus events.  I went to Indiana University – Indianapolis to speak to their recruiting class, conducted mock interviews for the Kelley School of Business and today I will be attending the collegiate career fair.  Yes, it’s a busy life for Indianapolis staffing companies, recruiters and headhunters.

There is something great about being back on campus in the springtime and remembering what it was like trying to decide what to do for the summer.  Ahhh, the good ol’days that seemed so carefree!  It’s true that most Indianapolis based professional staffing firms attend the college career fairs in the fall but most students are narrowly focused on their companies of choice for internships or employment after graduation at that time.  The spring recruiting events are great for Indianapolis based staffing firms because now is the time that students will stop by to discuss how we can assist them in their job search.  What is it that we can do for them, you ask??

1.  Share our network with them.  We have network connections with over 250 Indianapolis based companies with whom we regularly meet with and hear about what’s going on in their business, their industries and current hiring trends.  This can be a huge advantage to college students just based on the wealth of information we have at our fingertips about indianapolis job openings.  We might be able to suggest companies to look into that they haven’t heard of but we know that they are currently seeking summer and fall interns. 

2.  Offer summer employment opportunities in their fields of study.  We can help those college students that weren’t fortunate enough to land an internship for the summer but are staying in Indianapolis by presenting them with temporary employment opportunities in the areas of accounting, finance, HR, and administration.  Keep in mind that when graduation day arrives some work history looks better on a resume than none at all. 

3.  Help them find a full-time permanent or temp to hire opportunity here in Indianapolis with one of our clients.  When graduation day comes and goes and they are still searching for a full-time position (which, as discussed in an earlier blog posted by Mary Springer, unfortunately can happen as we emerge from the recession) we can assist them in their Indianapolis job search.  Our clients frequently hire new grads that have worked for us in the summer months.  They feel it shows ambition and they trust that we know their skill level due to the assignments they completed for us.  It never hurts to have headhunters considering you for their clients during your job search whether you are a college student or an experienced veteran!  After all it’s a free service for you!  

Tell your college friends, co-workers or children to stop by to introduce themselves at one of our upcoming career fairs:

 We look forward to meeting you!