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Candidate Spotlight: Q & A with Jessica Jordan

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Greta Cline, CFO
Greta Cline
Partner, CFO/COO
October 15, 2020

This month we’re highlighting one of our star candidates: Jessica Jordan.

Jessica went to college in Eureka, California for Political Science, but has been placed in several positions by TGHR since she graduated and first applied for a company’s position that we were overseeing. We asked Jessica if she’d be willing to share her experience working with us and she said, “Yes!”

How did your relationship with TGHR begin? 

I applied for a position on a major job posting site and That’s Good HR was managing the search for the company. 

What was your major/field of study?

Political Science

Where did you work before TGHR?

I worked at FloorTec in Eureka, CA before finishing college, and TGHR has been helping place me since I graduated.

What have you loved the most about your assignments with TGHR?

Being able to work in different fields has been wonderful, especially when I was first starting my career and figuring out what career path I wanted to take. With That’s Good HR, I have worked in Healthcare, IT, Retail, and Construction. The companies I worked with were great, and I really enjoyed my coworkers. 

What have you enjoyed most about working with TGHR?

I have really enjoyed working with Kate Stephens. She has been so wonderful and thoughtful to work with. Kate listens to what I am looking for and has never pressured me to interview for a position I did not feel was a good fit. My happiness with an opportunity is equally important to her as the employer’s happiness.  

What is your advice to others considering working with TGHR?

It is definitely worth your time to work with TGHR. I have referred a few of my friends because I truly believe my career would not be where it is if it wasn’t for TGHR.

What are the top assignments you have had with TGHR and why?

  1. [Technology Company] – I temped a few days at the front desk which allowed me to network with employees leading to getting a full-time job a year later with the company.
  2. [Retail Company] – This was a great career jump for me because I made the move into the C-suite as an executive assistant. My bosses were wonderful there, and I made outside work friendships with other EAs.
  3. [Utility Company] – My current position. I advanced to Executive Assistant to the CEO, and I could not be happier with my role and the company.  

Do you have a successful placement story to share? We’d love to feature it in our next newsletter. Just send us a message to let us know and we’ll follow up with you to find out more details.